Top Online Face Painting Contests

You’re an amazing face painter with talent for miles, professional supplies and happy customers. What else could you ask for? How about adding “Award-Winning” to your title?

Win a face painting contest and you’re on your way to more exposure and prestige. A little recognition from experts in your field helps you stand out among other face painters in your community. And, of course, prizes ranging from face painting supplies to cash don’t hurt either. Besides it’s fun to enter a face painting competition. You may even surprise yourself as you push your creativity and skills to their limits.

Top 10 Face Painting Contests

Before you whip out your brushes and start your competitive entry, make sure to increase your odds at winning by carefully reading the contest guidelines. For example, if the rules state that the design should only cover the face, then don’t enter a design with your arms painted. If the theme of the contest is “Enchanted Forrest,” it’s not the time to flaunt your zombie-making skills no matter how great they may be. Of course, if you can creatively link zombies with the theme, then more power to you. Have you noticed that many winning face painting entries do not take the theme literally? A winning rainbow-themed entry is probably not going to be a rainbow painting across your face, but something a little more original. Taking the time to fully conceptualize your design will improve your chances of winning.

Now let’s get to our 2019 list of the Top Online Face Painting Contests!

  •  Wet Paint is a new face painting magazine filled with pages of inspiration for us face painters. And, bonus, they host unique contests! If the thought of entering a face painting contest is a tad bit intimidating, this could be a great contest to get you started. They’re currently holding a contest to find useful upcycling ideas for used face paint containers. Can’t wait to see those winning entries! Check out their Facebook page for more information.
  • For those of you who aren't afraid of little gore, Halloween Makeup hosts contests that have a frightful theme. Check out their contests page to find out what they have going on. Entries will be showcased on a gallery page and winners announced on their social medial pages. These contests are open to artists worldwide. 
  • Another great contest is hosted by Kryvaline, the Canada-based maker of face painting products. They occasionally host face painting contests and also have frequent giveaways in exchange for reviews! Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on when their next giveaway or face painting contest is happening.

Top 10 Face Painting Contests

  • Here’s a good one for those of you who are just getting warmed up in the game of competitive face painting. Snazaroo, makers of face paints for hobbyists and professionals, hosts frequent face painting contests on their website. Prizes include Snazaroo face painting products to fill up your kit. To keep in the loop, follow them @officialsnazaroo on Instagram and check their website for information. 
  • The Face Painting Shop, based in England, holds themed face painting contests from time to time which are usually decided by public vote. Past prizes have included Global Body Art products. Check their website to find out what’s coming up and peruse their past contest winners for inspiration. This one ranks high on our list because of the fun products awarded and it's open to contestants from around the world.

Top 10 Face Painting Contests

  • Inspiration to Paint Facebook Group. Inspiration to Paint is a very active and supportive Facebook page for face painters. There are frequent challenges with prizes awarded by their sponsors. This is a must-join Facebook group for face painters who are looking for a positive community of like-minded folks.
  • A great contest for skilled face painters is held by Illusion Face Paint Store. Be prepared for some stiff competition with several entrants submitting jaw-dropping works of art. Winners are chosen by guest judges and entries are posted on their website giving you a great platform for showing off your designs. The contest is open to face painters around the world. Prizes include goodies like face paints, stencils, a copy of Illusion magazine and more. Definitely check out their magazine if you haven’t already. It’s full of inspiration. This contest is near the top of the list because winners will receive great exposure. You can even email the editors with ideas for future contest themes.

Top 10 Face Painting Contests

  • hosts one of the few monthly challenges currently running, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to participate. Winners are awarded a selection of face painting products. Winning designs are featured online in the Past Challenges gallery giving you great exposure. This is the perfect contest to get your toes wet in the world of competitive face painting. 

Top 10 Face Painting Contests

Face painting contests are a wonderful way to show off your artistry, improve your skills and gain recognition doing what you love. At the very least, you’ll have a new design to showcase on your display board. Good luck to you as you explore new avenues for sharing your art through contests!

Vanessa Tsumura of 3 Cartwheels is a professional face painter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.