Tips for Faster Face Painting by Marina

In this tutorial, I will show you tips for faster face painting, so you can get through those long lines quickly! 

I love painting those elaborate designs where we can show all the beauty of our business. However, those designs are not ideal for events or birthday parties where we have to be fast and create beautiful designs in 3-5 minutes or less.

In this blog I'm going share some of my "little helpers" that are essential for my speed face paintings.

Tips for Faster Face Painting

Let's start with using cakes with darker paint on the outer side of design. What do we get with this? This way we are avoiding outlining and this saves time and it doesn't effect the quality of our work. The flat brush is here our best friend.

 On this side I've used a flat brush, white paint, a round brush No 3 and black paint just to show you all the steps we are avoiding when using split cakes.

 When we put those two together we can see the difference, right? It's definitely faster face painting. This can be used on every design, from cats, bears, unicorns, and pretty much everything in between.

The next one is one of my favorites, the petal sponge. Use it with white for creating Spiderman eyes. It's also perfectly shaped for butterfly wings.

I'm going to continue with this Spiderman design to give you an example of how paint blends so great when it's applied with the sponge. Again, we are using a split cake to give our design dimension and that wow factor.

 The last tip for faster face painting would be to use your stencils. Use them for filling empty spaces,giving your design movement, or to cover any mistakes. Stencils will give your painting that "elaborate design look" This is not my best Spiderman design but I'm painting along just to show how fast and easy we can make super simple but still cool designs.

Extra Tip

Using Mehron Starblend Powders and lollipop swabs for stenciling will give you perfect results every time.

Below, I've added some  links for my favorite stencils, such as  stars, bricks, graffiti, dots, lace, and henna bits.

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