Super Fast Tiger Design By Melissa Perez

Tigers have to be one of my most requested designs. They're bold, fun, and a definite need to know. Though they can look intimidating to execute, with this fast tiger tutorial you'll be confident in no time. This design can be done in 3 minutes or less with practice. 

Materials Needed:

Kryolan White
Kryolan Yellow
Fab Ziva Blue
Diamond FX Black
Diamond Fx White
Golden Flora Brush #6
Diamond FX Sponges


Step 1—Load your sponge with your white face paint.Apply white onto the eyelids, over the eyebrow up onto the forehead in a slanted triangle type shape. Next add white under the nose to make the muzzle. Be careful not to expand too far from the sides of the mouth.

Step 2—Lay down your yellow in the center the face covering the nose and blending out onto the cheeks and forehead. Make sure not to go too far. Next I used the blue on the bare space and blended towards the yellow creating a third color. 

Tip: Use a Rainbow cake for even more color. Don't be afraid to experiment.My model insisted on a blue and yellow tiger. 

Step 3—Load your flora brush with black and start with the lines above the eyes. Line upwards tracing along the triangle shape. Use a thin line and add pressure to the brush to create this thick to thin effect. Define the sides of the eyes with a slightly open C shape. Do the same for the sides of the mouth bringing it up towards the nose. Add a few whiskers, a small black nose and a teardrop to create the split lip.

Step 4—Use the same thick to thin technique to add the lines onto the cheeks. I like to echo the curves of the muzzle starting under the eye and working my way down. 

Tip: If you struggle with line work use a teardrop shape and then drag your brush down thru the bottom.

Step 5—Finish adding your lines on the forehead using the same thick to thin technique. Now your done!

Step 6 (optional)—If you have time add fangs and a series of dots to echo the whiskers. 

Tip: Skip the dots in hot climates, the top lip is one of the first things to sweat. Your design will stay fresher looking, longer. The sky is the limit with tiger designs: add stencils, glitter or bling. Have fun and find your style!

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