This Sneakadoodle Design is a Home Run for Your Baseball Fan


Once the weather warms up, you begin to see kids toting baseball mitts and gloves to the local park to practice for their games, and you hear the soft lilt of, “Hey, batter, batter, batter!” riding the breezes of summer. So this design is an appropriate, simple design for kids who love baseball and would like a fun, cartoon design for their favorite sport.


Diamond FX white face paint
Diamond FX black face paint
TAG royal blue face paint
Paradise light brown face paint
TAG green face paint
Paradise red face paint
#5 round brush
#1 round brush


1. On one side of the forehead, make a white circle with your #5 round brush and Diamond FX white and fill it in. This is going to be your high-flying baseball in the finished design.


On the opposite side of the face, make a small cloud shape with some lines shooting back toward the ear using your larger round brush. The runner who has hit the baseball has already taken off for first base, so below this, block out your home plate, grass, and a bat laying on the ground where he has tossed it aside.


2. On the baseball, use beautiful, deep, Paradise red on your #1 brush to make small stitch lines on the baseball. Only put these on the top portion of the design so they don’t interfere with the cartoon face you’re going to add. Then load the #1 round brush with Diamond FX black for both creating the face and also outlining both sections of the design.



I also used my #1 round with the TAG royal blue to add the words, “Hey, batter, batter!” to my design.


3. As a final step, we’re adding motion lines with black by the baseball (again with the #1 round and black) and some white highlights on the other side of the design.


While the white shadow for the lettering isn’t strictly necessary, it does make the letters really pop off the face, so I don’t like to omit them.


Now you’re truly ready for the baseball season with this Sneakadoodle design for your board. Batter up!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She has a degree in art and also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.