The Eyes Have It


Usually the first thing we are drawn to about a persons face is their eyes; the color, shape and even the contour of the eyebrow.  If we are looking at a woman we may admire her eye makeup how much or little she uses and the manor in which it’s applied. Today eye makeup often breaks from the traditional style giving way to a bold new artistic look. In our earlier blog “Bling it on” we briefly touched on the possibilities of what a face painter might do with eye designs, so let’s take this opportunity to dive deeper into this topic. After all, who better to create a tapestry to the window of your soul than a face painter.

Daily Use of Eye Makeup:

The classic look is still perfect for everyday wear but with sleight variations on how one uses eye liner or layering eye shadows can really spice things up. The photo at the top of the page shows how we used two shades of eye shadow and have extended the application beyond the eyelid but the mascara and eyeliner are kept basic.

*We started with the lighter shade of eye shadow at the inside of the eye near the nose and followed the line of the eyebrow and finished just past the eyebrow with an upward lift.

*The darker shade is broken up slightly starting just past the lighter shade blend the dark shade over the lighter to the midpoint of your eye, this adds a unique shading.

*Next we cover the eyelid with the darker shade continuing past the brow line following the upward curve of the lighter shade.

*The look was framed with a gentle line on the lower eye and mascara.

Not at all a difficult application, a couple of simple accents adds more flare to the daily routine.

The wonderful thing about face painting is we don’t have to set boundaries, let’s have some fun with our paints and see where our imagination will take us.

Flame Job:



Using our Wolfe Essentialspalette we created this flame look with orange yellow and red.

*A layer of red first over the eyelid and just into the eyebrow blending in the orange over top was our base.

*Next were the yellow flame trails heading outward from the center.

*Red and orange were used to accompany the yellow flame trails with a few single licks of red and yellow at the outer most part of the design.

*A subtle black trail along the lash line gives a off a nice effect.



This could be a great look for Mardi Gras, similar to a white face clown but with a much more theatrical look.

*The white foundation is TAG white applied with a makeup sponge giving a smooth finish.

*The Aquacolr Interferenz palette by Kryolan was used for the Green and Purple eye shading. Green covers the eyelid and stops at the edge of the eyebrow. The purple shading starts at the edge of the eye sweeping upward along the green.

*TAG Black is used to darken and contour the eyebrow followed by a simple black line under the eye at the lash line.

* Mascara coupled with natural fibers is used to lengthen the upper lashes.

*Mehron Liquid Glitter is used for the gold dots.

 Flower Power:



This fun free flowing flower design was the combination of Paradise and Diamond brands.

*The core color, Dark Blue from the Paradise Tropical palette, was brushed in first covering the eye area.

*Light Blue from the Paradise Pastel Palette was used to form the shape of our main flower.

*Diamond yellow reminds us of pollen and added some warm highlights.

*Dark Green from the Paradise Tropical Palette formed our stems.

*The same blues and yellow were used for the small flower buds and a gentle hint of Amerikan Body Art glitter do give the glisten of morning dew.

Using the eye for the focal point of your face paint is really a great way to give your customer a true personal touch.