St. Patrick’s Day Face Painting

Well it’s almost that time of year again where we dig out the green sweaters, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons and  join in the St Patrick’s Day Festivities. You can’t turn around without finding some kind of St. Patrick’s Party or festival and for us face painters that means we best jump on the Paddy Wagon and have something special for the season. So load up the green face paint and crank up the Irish Rovers we’re going to have some fun!

What comes to mind when you think St. Patrick’s day besides Leprechauns and Shamrocks? How about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or maybe a clever Celtic design, we’ve put together a couple ideas for you, so let’s take a look.

Pot O Gold:

This is a good time to try out the rainbow cake if you haven’t done so already. In our “Tools of the Trade”  blog we showed you how to use a sponge to make a nice rainbow ribbon. Lets take that application and put the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold at the end. This is an excellent paint to do on the arm so we get a nice long rainbow ribbon.


Pot O Gold


This was easy to do with a sponge application of the rainbow, a simple black pot painted with a medium flat brush, the gold coins are first done with yellow and a fine brush, add in liquid gold glitter over the yellow and dusting the whole thing with translucent glitter powder.

Celtic Tattoo:

Now the guys may want something cooler so we came up with a Celtic tattoo using a stencil.




Placing the template on the subject paint your base color, here we chose green. We accented the design with black and a fine brush with the addition of the black detail under the stencil.

Four Leaf Clover:

This fun simple design is good for anyone wanting to be a bit Irish for the day.


Four Leaf Clover


With a fine round brush and a medium green draw the four petals of the clover almost like four little hearts, now the stem with a slight curve.  We used a shimmer green to fill in the leaves for a nice two toned effect. The black helped accent the shape of the leaves and just a simple line down the stem for some dimension. A little translucent glitter gives the four leaf clover a magical sparkle.

We hope these designs make you the hit of your St. Patrick’s event and may the Luck o’ the Irish be with you.