Sven the Sneakadoodle Viking Needs Your Help

2015-03 SneakVikingFinalA

Vikings love their lives of pillaging and plundering, but when they have a bad sense of direction, they run into problems. You’re going to have to help Sneakadoodle Viking Sven find his viking ship, or he’ll never get promoted beyond cabin boy.


Paradise yellow face paint
Paradise brilliant gold face paint
Paradise pink face paint
Paradise red face paint
Paradise orange face paint
Paradise green face paint
Paradise blue face paint
Paradise light brown face paint
Diamond FX while face paint
Diamond FX black face paint
#5 round brush
#2 round brush
#1 round brush


1. Start by drawing an outline of your viking and viking ship with Diamond FX white and the #1 round brush. You’re going to paint right over these outlines, and the white will easily disappear once you do.

2015-03 SneakVikingStep1

2015-03 SneakVikingStep1B

2. Color in the lines with the Paradise face paints and either the #5 round brush or the #2 round, depending on what you’re comfortable using. For Sven the Viking’s peach skin tone, I used a combination of pink, white, and yellow, but you could just go with pink and white to keep it simple. (To make it extra easy, check out the TAG skin color palette.)

You may choose any color you like for your viking’s hair, such as red, yellow, brown, or black. For the Sven who is pictured below, I mixed a little orange in with my yellow to warm it up and make it darker. His helmet is Paradise brilliant gold.

2015-03 SneakVikingStep2

The viking ship is light brown, and the shields and sail can be any color you would like to use.

2015-03 SneakVikingStep2B

3. Now it’s time to outline your design with your #1 round brush and Diamond FX black, which is a wonderful outlining face paint. Stay up on the tip of your brush, holding it at a 90º angle to the surface of the face, so you can get a nice thin line.

2015-03 SneakVikingStep3

2015-03 SneakVikingStep3B

4. The final step, as always, is to add a few white highlights with the #1 round brush and the Diamond FX white. These always have the effect of making the design pop, so although they aren’t crucial, they do add a bit of wow-factor to any design.

2015-03 SneakVikingFinalA

2015-03 SneakVikingFinalB

Now that he has found his ship, Sven can sail away into the sunset. Thanks for stopping by for this Sneakadoodle tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

Beth MacKinney is the owner and primary artist of Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.