Super Wyatt Design

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    Super Wyatt Design



    * make sure your person is free of sweat and oils on face/arm

    * have the necessary tools at your ready

    *Have fun!

    Paints and Tools Used:

    DFX White, Blue, and Yellow and Black

    Tag Pearl Red

    #2 brush for detail

    3/4 brush for Strokes

    Sponge/Dauber for stencil

    stencil(premade again)


    #1 dab on your Pearl tag red and make a triangle in the middle on your forehead.


    #2 Add your Stencil ( doesn’t have to be a “W” it can be any letter you’d like)


    #3 Now add your Yellow with the 3/4th Brush and make three waves and ending with a point by the end of you eye.


    #4 Repeat the same as #3 , only with the Blue, leaving a little yellow left for a cape!


    #5 Now Outline your design with black to make it pop & last by not least you add your white for highlights!


    Now before actually thinking about this design I found out it really looks like torso with muscular arms, I was quite pleased with the result. I added some abs and tada! this was the result!

    Please dont be discouraged especially trying to make the stencil as it’s hard! As always Practice makes perfect!