How to Face Paint a Seahorse!

Seahorse 3


Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Wolfe Face Paints – Blue
Wolfe Face Paints – Light Blue
Diamond FX Essential White


1. Starting with the blue face paint, and the round brush, paint a silhouette shape of a seahorse.  Make the head shaped like a side triangle with rounded edges. Have the bellow of the seahorse rounded and full. Have the tail swirl into a spiral.

Seahorse 1


2. Next  start to decorate the seahorse shape. Using the light blue face paint, and the round brush, paint the front of the seahorse defining it’s belly and underneath it’s head. Add three tear drop shapes in the middle of it’s body to create it’s fins. Add quick lines all around the back and head to create it’s magnificent spine.

3. Now, using the white face paint, add a small circle for the eye. Add some quick curved, horizontal lines swooping across it’s belly to help create definition.

4. Using again the blue face paint, add dots on the top of each spike on the back.

Seahorse 2


4.Finally, outline the design in black to give it contrast.  Add a dot for the eye,and add dots on the top of the spikes.  Add glitter to really make it shine!

Seahorse 3