Spider-Butterfly Mask Face Paint

There are so many children that don’t want to look scary on Halloween and they would like to look pretty or cool. This face paint is an alternative makeup for that kind of children. Specially, for girls. 

Step 1

Paint the background with a sponge. You can use a butterfly wing sponge; this kind of sponge could be very useful to make the shape of wings. For the background, you could use your favorite colors. For upper wings, I used the Silly Farm ‘Juicy Fruit’ split cake. For lower wings, I have blended three colors with the sponge. I used a bright blue, a teal and a yellow color from FAB in this case. 

In this step, you can use a wet wipe to clean the edges to have a very nice shape wings.

Step 2

Now, it is time to outline the mask with a black color. First, outline the upper side with some swirls and teardrops with a #3 round brush. In this case, I used a Loew-Cornell brush. 

Step 3

With the same black and brush, for the lower side, paint some lines to create a spider web effect. First, paint the vertical lines and then paint curvy horizontal lines between them to complete the spider web.

Step 4

With the same black, and with a Loew-Cornell #1 round brush, paint another spider web on the center of the upper side to fill and decorate the empty space. In this case, I have painted a stylized spider web to make the look more attractive. 

Step 5

It is time to do the details! Paint some white dots on the spider webs and on the corner of the eyes to enhance the look. I have used the Loew-Cornell #3 brush to paint them. 

Step 6

Finally, paint the eyes and the lips.

For the eyes, use a Loew-Cornell #2 round brush to apply eyeliner to upper and lower lids with the black color. 

I love painting lips with gradient colors. In this case, I used purple and orange. To degrade the colors, paint the outline of the lips with the darkest color and then, paint the center of the lips with the lighter one.Try to blur the transition between the colors with a blending brush.  

At last, paint two cute fangs with a white color and a Loew-Cornell #2 round brush. Then, outline the lips and the fangs with the black color and a #1 round brush to give them more definition. 

I have also glued an spider bling cluster I made by myself below the upper spider web to complete the look. Use the Mehron Adgem glue for this step. You can also paint the spider if you can not use a bling cluster. 

You can finish the look with this step, or you can add the next optional step to enhance the look!

Optional Step:

Use a Mehron’s Glitter Gel in a silver tone to outline some black lines of the mask. This will give it more dimension and highlight. Finally, spread some cosmetic glitter to make a sparkler look! You can use the Amerikan Body Art Glitter for this step. 



Products Used:

Face Paints

Silly Farm Split Cake - Juicy Fruit

FAB Paints

Bright Blue

Superstar Paints



Butterfly Wing Sponges
Loew-Cornell Gold Grip #3 Round Brush
Loew-Cornell Gold Grip #2 Round Brush
Loew-Cornell Gold Grip #1 Round Brush
Mehron Adgem glue 
Blending Brush
Mehron’s Glitter Gel - Silver
Amerikan Body Art Glitter

Spider Butterfly Face Paint Design


Marta Ortega is a makeup artist, face painting instructor, theatre makeup instructor and a profesional face painter located in Seville (Spain). She is the owner of Purpurina (@maquillajespurpurina) as a face painter, and she is also known as Marta O Makeup (@martaomakeup) as a makeup artist. She has won several face painting contests since she started to learn face paint in 2016, and you can almost always find her creating and designing at her studio, and learning new artistic techniques of all kind (photography, draw, fx makeup, and whatever she likes). 


Instagram: @maquillajespurpurina @martaomakeup