Show Off Your Lip Art Contest

After a successful 4th of July Face Paint design contest, we are now back with a very exciting face paint design contest which will definitely let you use your wide imagination and creativity!

So, we present to you the Show Off Your Lip Art Contest!

The Contest

Show Off Your Lip Art Contest Banner

Show Off Your Lip Art Contest Banner

The Show Off Your Lip Art Contest is a photo contest in which a participant is to upload an image of a face paint design generally focused on the lips. The lips should be the main body part used for the design. It can be painted on yourself or on another person but must be your original creation.

Show us your most creative lip art and get a chance to win an awesome prize!


Alligator Lip Art

How to Join

Simply upload the image of yourlip art, enter a good and catchy description, enter your email address and submit your entry! It’s that simple! Then, if you like, you may browse the entries and vote for the ones you like. The contest will start on August 1.

Share the contest with your family and friends. Let them vote. The more votes you get the higher the chances of winning!
The Winners

The grand prize winner will be chosen based on the number of votes for the design as well as’s judges. The grand prize winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate for The 2nd placer will receive a $25 Gift Certificate.

Of course, the winners will be featured in our social media pages for the whole world to recognize their awesome design!

Plus, by the end of the contest, all those who joined and voted will be given 10% off and 5% off promo codes, respectively.

So, join now and get a chance to win an awesome prize as well as get people recognize your face painting creativity and skills!

Note: Some face paints and colors are recommended to be not used on the eye and lip area for various reasons which may include staining. Please read your face paint’s or brand’s safety info before painting on or around your lips. Please be advised. Safety is priority! :)

For more info on the contest mechanics, click here.

Yours truly,

FacePaint Family