Show Off your Art Face Paint Contest Staff Picks!

Happy weekend everybody!

My Blog for today will be about some of our staff’s favorite facepaint design’s that entered our “Show off your art” Facepaint contest!

First I would like to thank everybody for getting back to me, and letting me blog about you. We had some incredible work entered into our contest.

This Design was created by Mary Lynn Sinisi

Lace Mask Design created by Mary Lynn Sinisi.


Mary Lynn Sinisi created “Lace Mask” she had purchased her first set of detail brushes, and wanted to see what she could do with them. This design was actually an accident. She used  several of the smalles different Loew-Cornell brushes, as well as a standard brush that came with her first Snazaroo set. For paint, all she used was a black Diamond FX cake that she purchased on , and created the translucent effect by painting on thin black stripes and smudging them with a wet fingertip.

Mary Lynn says some of her best designs are by accident, and we can tell by this design which looks completely life like. Mary Lynn has been face painting as a hobby on and off since she was 12 years old, in the past six months she just started painting more frequently. One of her first inspirations was  growing up with a few video tapes that she loved, one of which was the 1997 Broadway production of CATS.

“I was inspired by this show at a young age and my first series of face paintings were for a CATS-style costume that I made when I was ten.”

Check out Mary Lynn’s other work on her facebook page .



Facial Muscles Created by Landre Stultz

Facial Muscles Created by Landre Stultz.


 Another one of our other favorites was submitted by Landre Stultz. “Facial Muscles” Landre’s inspiration came from her love of working out. Landre is always reading about the body, and how it functions. She wanted to show the anatomy in a fun, and not so scary way. Landre did the face, because it is so complex, and she always likes a challenge.

” I always have that freak out moment of “oh no,  is this going to turn out” but more times than not, I’m happy with the outcome and always learn new techniques along the way.”

Landre has been face/body painting since Halloween 2013. She has always wanted to try it before, but never got around to purchasing the materials until a friend gave her the push she needed. Her friend asked Landre to do her makeup for Halloween and the rest is history.

“I fell in love with face/body painting and I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career rather than just a hobby.”

For Face painting Landre started out using a Mehron Paradise AQ Palette, and she still uses it for all of her looks today. Some ofher other favorite paints are Diamond FX, Tag, and Snazaroo. She uses brushes of all sizes, and sponges to cover large areas. Her go to brush is a size 2 by Kryolan. Landre’s next big project is getting her website up and running, but for now you can follow her on instagram @landresfx. Check her out! She has some awesome work on there!!


Our last pick for today is by Zahara Siti called “The Mummy”

The Mummy Created by Zahara Siti.

The Mummy Created by Zahara Siti.

Zahara’s inspiration for this design came from some special FX pictures of decomposing burn scars that Zahara thought would be cool to try out. It was also the time she was doing a Halloween series, so she was trying to brainstorm ideas that would go together, and this is what she came up with. Her two favorite things are facepainting, and Special FX.

Zahara has been face painting for only about a year. To create this look she used Wolfe Face Art Fx Hydrocolour Pallette. Texture around the eyes and lips were made using a mixture of liquid latex and cotton wool and painted over using the Wolfe Face Art Fx Hydrocolour Pallette. She uses regular paint brushes purchased at local art shops. Her favorite paints to use are Tag BodyArt facepaints, and  Wolfe Face Art FX Hydrocolours Essentials Palette. Follow her on instagram @mizdesert, and you can see more of her work at .

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