Rainbow Skull Face Paint Design


This look was inspired by a watercolor painting done by the incredibly talented Teresa Mullin. This design is meant to be fun, so feel free to improvise and make it in your own personal style! Below are the materials that I used to create this design.



Step 1

The first step is to use white face paint to cover your face from the forehead to the upper lip for a very basic skull shape. You can leave the eye sockets and apples of the cheeks bare.


Step 2

Next, you will want to create all of the important outlines in black using a thin brush. These lines do not have to be too precise because they will mostly get painted over with more paint later on. Follow the natural curve of your eye sockets for the eyes (I accidentaly made mine too big) and cheekbones. Also create a basic butterfly shape on the forehead, but make one side a little shorter to give the illusion that it is flying onto your face from an angle. Lastly, add a little bit of the skull details such as the nose and teeth.


Step 3

Here comes the fun part… adding color! First, take your yellow yellow paint and load it onto a brush with frayed edges. Then, just swipe wherever you see fit! Repeat this step using your blue and green colors. I put the yellow where the high points of the face are to create some dimension and then the darker colors are placed where the shadows would be on a skull.


Step 4

Time to layer on a little more color. I used purple for the areas that are supposed to be shadows such as around the nose and in the eye sockets. I also added some teal and pink around the face. At this stage, I also added the orange to the butterfly wings.


Step 5

This is the step where everything begins to tie together. I used a little bit of Ben Nye powders over some of the Mehron paints just to create more vibrant color and blended coverage.

I also took a black powder makeup to darken the eye sockets and the nasal cavity. I used the same black powder to create subtle shadows on the forehead, between the teeth, in the inner cheek area under the eyes, on the temples, and under the skull.

Then, use the color of your choice (I chose Mehron paint in the color Orchid) to paint the bottom lip and also create some paint splatters on the forehead.

If you want that “watercolor” or “painted” effect, then I suggest adding the drips of multiple colors underneath the skull like I did. Make sure to use multiple colors to keep the rainbow/colorful theme going.


Step 6

The final step is to just add a few minor details. First, finish off the butterfly by thickening the outside edges of the wing and painting on wiggly black lines that give the illusion of a wing’s texture. Make sure to go back to your black powder and add a little shadow for your butterfly.

Then, grab a silver liquid glitter and fill in the teeth with it. Also grab a super sparkly colored glitter and apply liberally to wherever you see fit! This look is meant to be fun and a little messy, so feel free to improvise. I hope you enjoyed this look! Happy Painting!