Paints so Good They’re Global!

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They are here and really something to be excited about. Yes we are talking about the latest addition to our catalog, Global face paints. Since 1992 this Australian based company has been producing and refining their product and it is making a huge impact on the face paint world.

Global paints have been formulated to be as hypoallergenic as possible, lowering the risk for any adverse reactions when applied. These paints meet with the FDA and European safety standards in makeup.

Global 1

We tried some of these products first hand and were very pleased with the results. A small amount of water activates the paints producing a very opaque coverage. The colors are rich and brilliant as shown in the sample photo above. The split cakes are also pretty amazing, the Melbourne split cake pictured below reminds me of the ocean.

Melbourne split cake

Melbourne split cake



You can find a variety of pallets to suit your face painting needs as well as individual cakes from standard colors to smooth pearl. If you want something more exciting, look to the neon and metallic colors, you won’t believe your eyes!

Don’t just take our word for it, go on and try Global paints for yourself, the results are out of this world.