Minion Eyes Tutorial: How to Make Minion Googly Eyes


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make minion eyes!


• Stick on Wiggle eyes

• Plastic sheet protectors

• Yellow nail polish

• Black nail polish with nail artist’s ultra-fine brush (or alternatively a fine black marker such as sharpie)

• 3D Tulip fabric glue in metallic silver

• Kryolan Pros-Aide to apply them safely on skin

• Liquid bandage such as “liquid skin”



Place the sheet protector right in front of you. If you plan on keeping the eyes on the sheet and are a bit of a perfectionist, you may want to use a lined or checkered page inside the protector to help you guide and stay in neat lines. Working in a well-aired room, spray a layer of liquid bandage onto the sheet protector where you will place the eyes. (They will be easier to remove later.) Let it dry.

Add with Tulip glue one dot per eye on the sheet, about the size of a pin needle head. Choose your wiggly eye and place your pair on the dots. Place them side by side, slightly touching but not overlapping. Push them down just a little so they attach to the sheet. Fill your sheet with eye pairs. Give them some time to dry.

Now you take the bottle of silver metallic tulip glue and squeeze an even line in a tight circle around both eyes. (Try to stay on the rim of the wiggly eye.) Add a tiny square left and right. Here are your Minion eye glasses. Let them sit to dry overnight. Do not get discouraged if they don’t look perfect. They will look better the next day.

Then paint the upper half of the eyes in a bright or even neon yellow. Let it dry. I find that they look the best when they are covering the exact upper half of the eye. Let the polish dry thoroughly. Depending on the polish, you may want to add a second coat to cover completely. You may want to give some of them a twist and make some of them with girly lashes, winking (nail polish lid on one eye only), or one-eye Minions (omit one of the eyes). Be creative!

Please see the step by step picture. So easy and so fun!


If you like to travel light, you can pack them in pairs into tiny jewelry bags, perforate them, and collect them on a book ring for gigs. Or you can keep them right on the sheet protector in a folder. It’s up to you.

Here is a quick design inspiration what you could do with them. So simple and fast that there is no additional description needed.


Additional Materials Used:

• Wolfe metallic yellow face paint

• Wolfe black face paint

• Wolfe white face paint

• BenNye Palette Blue and Yellow Lumiere Powder

• Any textured Bam Stencil (such as Dotty #2031) to add a bit more detail

• Pros-aide skin adhesiveto stick on your Minion eyes

Let me see your Minions!

PS: If you like my minion eyes, you might want to stay tuned for one of my next tutorials on how I make dragon or snake eyes.