Mickey Mouse Emoji Design Video by Ashlie Alvey


Expressing yourself with written words was so yesterday. Solution: Emojis!

They've taken over our phones, our vocabularies, and now our face painting menus, too.

In this quick video tutorial, watch as Ashlie Alvey combines her love of emojis along with the most magical mouse on Earth.


Products Used:

Diamond FX Black

Diamond FX White

Paint Pal Big Drop Brush

Loew-Cornell Gold Grip #2 Round Brush

Cameleon Baseline Fire Red

Paint Pal Sparkle Flower Power Brush or Pretty Petal Brush

Loew-Cornell American Painter 3/4" Angle Brush

Global Body Art Split Cake Leanne's Neon Rainbow

FAB Purple Rain



Mickey Emoji Design by Ashlie Alvey


Ashlie Alvey is the owner and artist of Chubby Cheeks Body Art in coastal Savannah, Georgia. You can find her artwork featured on FABAtv and in publications such as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine. Ashlie is most passionate about creating happy memories for her clientele in the form of birthday party entertainment and one-of-a-kind maternity art. You can follow her on Instagram at and view her Facebook business page at