Happy Devil Emoji Design by Kellie Burrus

Step 1: Use a pearl yellow/gold powder and softly blend over the area where the design will go.

Step 2: Use a small angled brush and a split cake that has black and purple and pink to create a circle with the black on the outside. Use the same brush and paint to create the horns.

Step 3: Use a sponge and white paint to fill in the center of the Devil. Stipples the sponge and pull the purple color in towards the middle to mix with the white.

Step 4: Take a sponge loaded with white and a stencil and add some texture from the top of the devil and bottom, following the yello powder.

Step 5: Use a small round brush and strong black to outline the devil, add its features and create some tribal line work at the top and bottom of the devil.

Step 6: Use a small round brush loaded with a strong white to outline the devil. This will help to separate the devil from the tribal line work. Also use the white to highlight the devils features and line work and to add some star bursts. Now your Happy Devil Emoji design is complete!


Materials Used:

Loew-Cornell Brushes - Round #1, Round #4

Always Wicked Round Sponge

Global Kapow Fun Stroke Cake from Hero Power Palette

Ben Nye Lumiere Powder Pallete

Lea Shelly Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil

Global Strong Black

Diamond FX White