Mardi Gras Design Tutorial


Check out this Mardi Gras face paint design that's perfect for festivals and parties!


TAG face paint pearl gold

TAG face paint pearl teal

TAG face paint pearl lilac

TAG face paint pearl rose

Global face paint purple

Global face paint magenta

FAB emerald green #341

Wolfe black

Wolf white

BAM star stencil 1039

Amerikan Bodyart liquid Bling gold

Amerikan Bodyart Pixie Paint purple

Mama Clown glitter gold

Flat Angled brush ½ American Painter (4400)

Small round brush #1

Always wicked Sponge

3 big jewels in yellow, green and purple (or any big jewels you like)

Pros-Aide skin adhesive



Before you even start to paint get your jewels ready, they are quite big so you want to put a gracious amount of Pros-Aide skin adhesive on their flat back and let it sit to get tacky (and ready) while you are painting.



Then you either may want to start with sketching your jester’s hat . You can use any thin round brush loaded with any white for this, or you give Mehron Detailz liquid facepaint in white a try.

Or alternatively, if you feel confident enough to paint straight with the loaded brush, go for it and make it a rather fast design. Play with the design and make the hat ears overlapping on top and hugging your eyes. It doesn’t show well in the photos but it looks like a playful mask when you get to see it 3- dimensional in natural light.


With your angled flat brush you paint the pink triangles of the seam of the hat first in two different shades, then the individual ears of the hat. Start with the dark colors so they can dry until you are ready to use the stencil on them. You can easily switch up to different colors, just remember that the dark colors should be low and the light colors high so it looks dimensional.


Right after you paint the gold upper part of the hat ear, dab on gold glitter as long as the paint is wet. The gold tone needs this additional glitter to compete with the bolder colors. Then use your star stencil and load a sponge with gold facepaint. Stencil gold stars onto the 3 lower part of the ears (that have the 3 darker shades). BEFORE you remove the stencil, dab on gold glitter on the stars as well. Remove the stencil carefully.

Now you outline the hat with your round #1 brush. All lines that are underneath in black, white on the top lines and in between.

At the end you can add some additional gold bling dots along the pink seam and to add to the glitter stars (do not use liquid bling before your design is finished, it dries very slow and tends to smear), little white starbursts here and there and finally stick on the 3 big jewels.


I found it very cute to have a smear of Amerikan BodyArt Pixie Paint in purple around the eyes and towards the upper hairline. Make sure not to use it close to the eyes and do not use the pixie paint on children’s faces.

Mardi Gras starts coming Tuesday 28th, are you going?