Kraze Monster Mega Contest Winners

    A big congratulations goes out to our two winners of the Kraze Monster Mega Contest! Each winner was randomly selected to win a $100 and a $200 gift card from

    We asked our winners a few questions about themselves and this is what they had to say!

    Liora Gomer - $200 Gift Card Winner

    Lori Gomer

    Wow! I can’t believe it!!! I haven’t won anything this grand before

    I have been face painting professionally for almost 3 years now.
    I heard about Kraze FX on a few of the Facebook groups I belong to.

    My Facebook page is Colorful Faces by Liora and am on Instagram #colorfulfacesbyliora

    My favorite moments in face painting is the reveal. When the person sees their reflection and gasps in delight.

    Here are just a tiny few of some of my work...

    Thank you again for such a wonderful prize!! I can’t wait to shop!

    Liora Gomer

    Mari Perez - $100 Gift Card Winner

    My name is Mari I have been painting at parties for 5 years and I do volunteer work to raise funds for people with cancer, especially children, I support them with what is done to paint for free and the proceeds are donated for the person who needs treatments attached  Some photos of my work I hope the prize is true, thank you.

    Thank you again to all who entered the contest, and congratulations again to our winners!