Kraze FX Dome Strokes Review By Marta Ortega

 Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you some of the pretty dome strokes from Kraze Fx. These are the one I have chosen to write this review on!

Do You Know What Domed Split Cakes Are?

Domed Split Cakes are a Kraze FX exclusive, where the center of the cake is raised. Domed designs help with the problem that many face painters face, where the split cakes in general tend to produce watery puddles in the center that wears the center out faster and causes mixing of colors. With a domed design, excess water will accumulate to the sides which can be removed by just flipping the cake.

The colors I'm going to try are Bright Neon (UV paint), Sherbet Punch and Unicorn Shimmer (both shimmer). The main ingredient they contain is paraffin wax. The amount of paint in each split cake is 25g. All are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan.

Kraze FX Domed Split Cake Swatches

Here are some Kraze FX domed split cake swatches so you can see what they actually look like on the skin!

The shimmer colors look very pretty. The lightest colors may not stand out so much, and you need to load the brush very well so that they look well pigmented, but it is common with these types of colors.

Regarding the UV split cake, it is very pigmented. UV colors are usually quite transparent, so I was pleasantly surprised. With a UV light, the split cake looks like this:

Trying Them on a Design

Unicorn Shimmer is really beautiful for princess crowns or eye designs. What I like the most are its color combinations. 

Bright Neon is the perfect for neon for parties or just to paint rainbows with very bright colors. Super pigmented and cool.

Sherbet Punch looks like a rainbow colored shimmer pastel. I think it will be great to paint beautiful rainbow shimmer in butterfly or fairy designs. 

Split cakes look like this when applied with a sponge. The colors blend very well and look really pretty.

Bright Neon under black light

The Paints After Use

As you can see, the excess water accumulates on the sides instead of in the center, which makes the split cake more comfortable to use and clean.

Would I Recommend This Product?

Yes! The colors are very pretty and pigmented, and the dome shape design is very smart. I have to try other color combinations, including regular colors, to test their quality and compare them.


Marta Ortega is a makeup artist, face painting instructor, theatre makeup instructor and a profesional face painter located in Seville (Spain). She is the owner of Purpurina (@maquillajespurpurina) as a face painter, and she is also known as Marta O Makeup (@martaomakeup) as a makeup artist. She has won several face painting contests since she started to learn face paint in 2016, and you can almost always find her creating and designing at her studio, and learning new artistic techniques of all kind (photography, draw, fx makeup, and whatever she likes).