Inspiration To Paint Sponsorship

Last November 2018, we had the great opportunity to sponsor Inspiration To Paint's November Challenge. Inspiration to Paint is a face painting group in Facebook with thousands of members ranging from amateur to professional face painters. ITP served as a training ground for a lot of successful face painters in the industry today.
Today, we meet the November Challenge winner Kimberly McMiller.
1. How long have you been a face painter? Professional or hobby?

I got my first face painting “gig” when a co-worker of mine asked me to help her sister out. She owns a farm and couldn’t find anyone to do face painting for an event they were having. They bought a kit from Micheals craft store and I painted! Have been going ever since! This was 2015.

2. When did you join the ITP Group?

I have always painted (signs and pictures) with acrylic and I went to a birthday party one day where I met Nicole Kirrane (a fellow ITP member and face painter) and saw her doing her amazing work on faces! I was blown away and started asking her questions, she was so helpful and amazing and since then we have become good friends going to face paint conventions together. We are going to Fabaic this May! She was the one who inspired me and told me about ITP!

3. What/Who inspired you to become a face painter?

...which brings me to when I joined ITP in 2016.
We are so honored to be a part of Inspiration To Paint's November Challenge. We would like to congratulate the members of ITP especially winner, Kimberly, for being a part of a thriving face painting community in Facebook!