How to Face Paint a Frozen Ice Princess Crown

Else Frozen crown

Frozen is popular these days! Here is an Elsa crown and hair design that will keep those customers happy!


Medium #4 Round Brush
1″ Flat Brush
paper towels or cloth
water container
(optional) Spray bottle with water
(optional) Baby wipes

Products used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Cooper
ag Body Art Yellow
Snazaroo Peel & Stick Gems


1. Starting with the 1 in brush and the yellow face paint, paint elsa’s hair on the forehead and down the cheek.

else 1


2. Next, using the copper face paint and the round brush, paint a curved line going across the middle of the forehead. Add two triangle shapes on each end.

else 2


3. Continue to fill out the crown with the copper face paint. Add a blue stick on gem in the middle of the center part of the crown.

else 3


4. Using the white face paint and the round brush, outline the hair, and the crown. Add snowflake designs and star burst to the other side of the face, and in the corners of the eyes.   Outline everything in black using the round brush.

else 4


5. You now have a Elsa Princess Crown! Add glitter to the design for some more sparkle.

Else Frozen crown