How to Face Paint a Blue Moth of Transformation!


Everyone does butterflies, and as a symbol of transformation it’s very popular to use in face painting. Recently my company decided to update our logo, and we will be using a blue moth, as they are a symbol of transformation that happens at night! Since we do both kid and adult parties, this is most fitting for us. I also love how they have a eye looking shape in the middle of their wings. So pretty, and different.


Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Blue
TAG Face Paints – Teal Pearl (Metallic)


1.Starting with the light blue, add a long tear drop shape for the start of the body.


2. Next add two round shapes for the top wings. The look like “U” on their side and our filled in. However they are slightly curved down. Fatten up the body a little.


3. Using a darker blue, fill in the bottom wings.


4. Next, start to add shapes to the wings. Add the football shapes to the top wings. Add an outline around the wings Next using the light blue, add three tear drop shapes to the bottom wing.


5. Using the small round brush, start to outline the design and watch it start to take shape.
Outline the body and add little tiny brush marks to make it look furry. Add antennas, add a round circle in the middle of both football shapes. Add small black square blacks along the base of the tail.


6. Now you’ll want to add lots of lines, and long u shapes. Add u shapes that start at the body and extend to where the football shapes are and curve back around. Fill the body. Next paint a line that follows the outer edge of the top wing, then add additional u shapes that extend from the inner outline to the first set of u’s.

7. On the bottom wing, outline each teardrop shape, then paint small lines spaced close together that go from the tear drops to the edge. Repeat the same pattern on the top wing.

ta da! it’s a beautiful moth!