Top 2 Dracula Face Paint Designs: How to Face Paint Dracula

Learn how to face paint Dracula step-by-step with these easy to follow tutorials! 

With Halloween just around the corner you can bet you'll get lots of requests for Vampires! It's a must have design in your face paint arsenal. Now, I don't know about you but to me Dracula is the ultimate Vampire! I'm going to show you how to break it down so you'll be ready this fall.

Products Used:

Kryolan White
Starblends Black
Wolfe Gray
Wolfe Black
Dfx White
Tag Red
Dfx Bordeaux Red
Mehron Hydra Sponges
Loew-Cornell Gold Grip
Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Brush 3/4 Flat
Paradise Smoothie Blender Brush

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Use a dampened sponge to put on a soft white glycerin based face paint on the entire face avoiding the eye area. I like to use a glycerin based white for this step because it makes for easy blending and more comfortable wear ability.

Tip: Use shimmer white for a girly Vampire. Add eyeliner and big lashes for a super lush glam Vampire. White holographic glitter will set your white base off.

Step 2: Load your next sponge with a gray face paint. Sponge under the eyes and on the eyelids, temples, bottom of the chin and cheek bones. Flip sponge to other side and blend your edges into the base. We want the gray areas to appear sunken in without hard lines.

Step 3:Next load your sponge with a dark dusty red and drag the color down from the eyebrow to just on the eyelids. The darkest point being at the brow and fading onto the lid. Go ahead and add some of your dark red to the other locations we previously added the gray. Blending is your friend!

Step 4: Grab a smoothie blender and load up your black star-blends. Don't forget to tap off the excess! Blend the black into the gray and red areas without covering all the red and gray underneath. This creates a smokey depth and makes the areas look more recessed and three dimensional. 

Step 5: Use a # 2 round brush and load your black wax based face paint. Start at the beginning of the eyebrow and swoop up about mid brow to make the painted on eyebrows arch up over the natural hair line and then back down. Think angry tear drop. Next take the same brush with your line work black and add some cross hatching under the eyes and a small line out of the inner corner of the eyes. Add two small teardrops on the top of the nostrils and line as shown above.

Step 6:Now it's time to add the widow's peak! Load your # 2 round with your black and create an upside down triangle and fill in to just under the hair line. Make sure its centered and not too large coming down onto the forehead. 

Step 7: Fill in the lips with your dark red with a round # 2 brush leaving space on the corners of the bottom lip for the fangs. What's Dracula without his fangs?!

Tip: Use your bright red on the lips for a more girl friendly Vampire.

Step 8: Use wax based white face paint and a #2 round brush to add fangs on the bottom lip, be careful not to bring your fangs down too low. Think small fang versus walrus tusks. Don't forget to outline the teeth and add some white highlights to make it pop!

Step 9With a flat 3/4-inch brush add a little extra water to your bright red face paint cake and create a liquid paint consistency. Then flick the tip of the brush with your finger at the corners of the mouth to create a creepy I just ate look. This step is optional but a super fun addition. If splatter isn't your thing you can paint a few red teardrops coming from the corners of the mouth. I like to do both!

Tip: Always warn your client prior to the blood splatter! I also like to tuck a couple of paper towels in the collar of their shirt to prevent splatter transfer!

Step 10: Show them the mirror! Take a moment to enjoy what you just created!! Note your strengths and what you'd like to improve on next time. It's how we grow! 

5 Minute Dracula by Kristin Olsson

5 Minute Dracula Design

For this tutorial I have prepared a super fast Dracula design. This looks very intricate, but is actually very fast and can easily be painted in 5 minutes or less!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: As this is a fast design created to be suitable on the job, there is no need to draw any guidelines on the face beforehand. Using a small filbert brush, I paint the base of what is going to be the head which I then use as the main centre of the composition.

Step 2: Using a 1/2" angled brush and picking up the darker colors of the gypsy one stroke, I paint the shape of the cape. I make sure the dark color is on the outside all the way around, with the exception of the chest part where I flip the brush around so that the darker color creates a shadow underneath the head. When painting the cape I use the centre focal point between the eyes and the chin focal point as my pointers. This helps to create a balanced composition. 

Step 3: Marcela Bustamantes Ultra Point #4 Blazin Brush is one of my favourite brush for black line work at the moment! The thin tip of the brush allows for very delicate line work, but by pressing it down you can also achieve a more bold stroke. Here, I have filled in all the black details in the face and I have also added some black details to the cape as well to give it a bit more depth and definition - but even if you leave this out your painting will still look great.

Step 4: Using a finger dauber I add some stenciled details around the design. Sticking to one color for the pattern will save you valuable time on the job, and in this case this also brings the design together.

Step 5: This step is optional, but will definitely make your design pop! Without reloading the filbert brush I used for the white base in the first step, I go over the design and add some highlights to the design. I decided I wanted to add a few details to the bats as well, so I used a Blazin Brush #3 to add some highlights on those as well. And voila - your 5 minute one stroke Dracula is finished!

Products Used:

Cameleon Colour Block Gypsy (sub Arty Brush Cake Cupcake)
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
Sponge Dauber
Silly Farm Paint Pal little drop filbert brush
Silly Farm Paint Pal Angled Brush 1/2"
Blazin Brush Ultra point #4
Blazin Brush round #3
Tap Bat Stencil no. 026
Graffitieyes - ultimate graffitieyes stencilkit

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