How to Face Paint a Thanksgiving Turkey

    It’s Thanksgiving time again. Here is a turkey face paint design that is quick and easy to paint on the cheek or on the arm.

    Thanksgiving turkey face paint design


    1. Starting with the orange face paint and the number 4 brush, paint a teardrop shape where you want your turkey to go. You can paint a teardrop by pressing down with the brush, then flicking the brush in a downward motion.

    2. Continue to paint two additional orange teardrop shapes, all pointing to the same spot. Add in yellow teardrops in with the orange.

    3.Fill in the spaces between with red.

    4. Now, you’ll want to add a circle shape covering up the middle where the teardrops meet, using the copper paint.

    5. Next, add an additional, and small circle on top, overlapping the first. Then using the brown face paint, and the small round brush, add the wings to the sides of the circle, and also add three tiny teardrop stokes at the top of the small circle.  Using the yellow face paint, add a beak to the face, and add feet underneath. Now you’ll want to add two white ovals for the eyes.

    6. Finally, using the small round brush and the black face paint, outline the design. Add two black dots in the white circles, Trace around the feathers in the tail, the feet, and add a few feather marks in the middle of the chest.

    Add some pink, or yellow iridescent glitter and this will look great.


    Medium #4 Round Brush
    Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

    paper towels or cloth
    water container
    (optional) Spray bottle with water
    optional) Baby wipes

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