How to Face Paint an Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Final



Medium #4 Round Brush
Small #0 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Silver


1. Starting with the silver face paint and the round brush, make sure you have a good consistency of paint and water. The metallic paints can be a little bit more to work with to get the right consistency, and not so transparent. Once you have a nice thick paint, start by painting the main shape of the anchor. Paint a vertical line, and a “u”shape underneath it. Paint a circle on top of the line.

Anchor 1

2 Add a smaller, horizontal line at the top of the first line, and add two circles on each end. Add points at the ends of the “u” shape to complete the anchor shape.  Next add a series of smaller circles in a curved line to add the line to the anchor.

Anchor 2A

3. Finally, using the small round brush and the black face paint, outline the design to complete!

Anchor Final