“He is Risen!” Easter Design by Pam Kinneberg

Easter is a special holiday to me as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He Is Risen! This bright and colorful face paint Easter mask design includes the crosses and traditional lilies. Have fun with it, add your own flair and special touches!





Sponge Dauber 

Loew-Cornell Flora #6 Flat Brush

Kryolan #2 Flat Brush (1/8")

Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #1 Round Brush

Silly Farm Split Cake—Juicy Fruit

TAG Split Cake—Pearl Dream

Global Fun Stroke—Borneo

FAB Purple Rain

Wolfe Yellow

Wolfe Orange

Wolfe White

Wolfe Brown 020

Mehron Black StarBlend—Black

Mehron Red StarBlend—Red

Festival Glitter—Diva

Diamond FX Cosmetic Glitter—Lavender 

TAP Stencil—Crown

BAM Stencil—Crosses 3002


Step one: the base

Using a sponge and the Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake, apply the base on the forehead in a small semicircle. Only pick up the pink, orange, yellow and white in the cake. If you get the purple on the base, the next step doesn’t show up as good. The sides should intersect the eyebrow a little past the center. Then use the same sponge to apply color to the eyelids. Be careful not to go up too high with your semicircle.

Step two: light rays

I used a “Show Off” body stencil I have that looks like rays of light. You could also quickly paint in these rays. Be careful not to get them too dark so you do not overpower the crosses in the foreground that you will apply next. Use a medium purple, pink and white mixture on your sponge like the Pearl Dream TAG Split Cake.

Step three: crosses

The crosses are the centerpiece of this design. I wanted these to really stand out against the bright background. The stencil used here is a Diva Stencil, but you could use the BAM Stencil—Crosses 3002. FAB Purple Rain is used for the crosses and topped with a purple glitter. I like to apply paint to the stencil, and before I take the stencil off, I dip my paint filled dauber into the glitter and dab it over the stencil. Presto! The glitter goes just on the purple paint and nowhere else. It is a good idea to get your supplies ready before you begin this...I always take the lid off my glitter so I can easily dip my dauber into it while still holding the stencil in place.

Step four: one last stencil

Use the Crown TAP Stencil on the cheekbone using the same sponge and cake that you just used on the forehead being careful to position it the same on both sides. Angle it down towards the corners of the mouth.

Step five: triple load your brush

Triple load your brush to paint lilies. Begin by loading a Flora #6 Flat Brush with white. Next you will load the tip of your brush in the yellow and then in orange. Before loading the two additional colors, lightly spritz the yellow and orange cakes with water just enough to give them a sheen. Do not get the paints too watery. Rub the tip of the brush over a towel, sponge or paper towel to remove a bit of the white paint. Drag the tip though the yellow paint and repeat the process for the orange. Your brush should look like the photo below.

Step six: paint the lilies

Step one: Begin painting the lilies like you would if you were simply painting a regular flower with the flora brush....tip in the center and press down to get a petal. Paint five petals. The wide petals are made using the full width while the narrow petals are made with the side of the flora brush. Paint two flowers and two buds going up towards the top of the semicircle. Do the same thing on both sides of the face. Also, paint three petals in the center, right below the crosses.

Step two: Using a small round brush, paint pointed tips on the ends of the petals to resemble lily petals. Add a few white lines in the petals to give the appearance that some petals are overlapping the others. On a couple petals, curve the ends under.

This is the view from the front.

Step six: paint the leaves

Lilies have long slender leaves which can be painted quickly. Use a very narrow flat brush loaded with a dark and light green from the Borneo one-stroke. Keep the light green at the top of the leaves for the highlight. 

Step seven: add depth

These lilies go from nice to amazing just by adding a shadow behind them. It contrasts beautifully with the white petals and makes them pop! I mixed black and red starblends together to get a reddish black. Make sure you don’t get this too dark. It is a good idea to test it on your hand first. This also removes some of the powder so it isn’t so overpowering when applied to your design. Apply the powder in the spaces between the petals. Finally, add some brown stamens in the center of each flower.

Step eight: swirls and teardrops

Now for the finishing touches. Use a small round brush (I used a #1) to add delicate swirls, dots and teardrops around the design. You can give this your own flair depending on how much you want to add to it. It is always nice to finish off a design with matching lips. I used some dark burgundy with orange in the center blended together.

Front view

Step nine: add the sparkle!

To give it some extra sparkle, add chunky glitter to a few select areas and you are done!

This is a super pretty and meaningful Easter face paint design. He Is Risen Indeed! 


Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, Wet Paint Magazine and SillyFarm Newsletters. 
Instagram: @pikadillyfacepainting