Halloween Inspired Werewolf by Melissa Perez

Are Werewolf's real? No one knows for sure, but I'm going to show you how to bring one to life, no full moon required. Historically the werewolf is a mythological creature that is half-man, half-wolf and that's right up our alley as face painters. So let the transformation begin. 


Kryolan Gray

Kryolan White

Starblends Black

Wolfe Gray

Dfx Black

Dfx White

Tag Red

Wolfe Pink

Mehron Hydra Sponges

Loew-Cornel Brush set

Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Brush 3/4 Flat

Paradise Smoothie Blender Brush


Step 1: Use a damp sponge to lay down your gray face paint base. I used a glycerin based gray for this step, it makes for easy blending and is more comfortable on the skin. Create two ear shapes on the forehead that extend up to just before the hair line. Bring the gray down over the eyes and onto the cheeks and then add a small patch of gray onto the bottom of the chin. Next we need to add white to the muzzle area, but angle it up and widen it just a bit past the ends of the lips. Then add a little white triangle shape above the eyebrows to create the look of the inner ear.

Step 2: Use a smoothie blender and load up your black star-blends. Don't forget to tap off the excess! Blend the black into the gray in the corners of the eyes, under the eyes and around the edges of the muzzle. This will create a soft depth. Blend some white onto the cheeks onto the bottom edge of the gray.

Tip: This would be a great instant Halloween costume!

Step 3:Load a #3 paint brush with black and start the nose at the very tip and bring it down just under the natural nose into a triangle shape. Paint a small triangle shape on the top lip and connect with a thin line to the base of the painted nose. Line the corners of the mouth along the bottom of the white muzzle. Outline your ears and create an angry brow and blend the ends down onto the eyelids. Add two fangs just outside the corners of the mouth and outline the gray patch on the chin.

Step 4: From the corners of the eyes add some lines that follow the brows in an upward motion. Then create some going down along the sides of the nose. We're creating the appearance of a longer snarled nose. Define the outer ends of the muzzle with your black face paint and create some folds between the ears. Add two fangs to the bottom patch on the chin that angle out the sides of the top fangs.

Tip: Scrunch up your nose in a mirror to use as a guideline for your line placement.

Step 5: It's time to add more teeth! Load up a #2 paint brush with black and start in the middle of the top lip and outline the teeth in a pointed teardrop shape without the tail. Next outline the bottom teeth in a staggered direction so they fall in between the top row without overlapping. We want to leave a small gap to create the illusion of the inner mouth of our Werewolf. 

Step 6:Load a #2 paint brush with red and fill in the negative space in between the teeth. Be careful not to go beyond the larger fangs. Starting in slightly downward angle add your dots from larger to smaller on the muzzle allowing space for a few rows beneath.

 Step 7: Using a # 2 fill in the teeth with a wax based white. Don't worry if they're not perfect we will touch them up at the end. With that same brush add lines to create the illusion of fur along the bottom of the cheeks and in the ears. 

Step 8: Using a #2 loaded with black fill in the corners of mouth and outline the teeth to create a cleaner more defined look. With that same brush add a fur outline to the bottom of the cheeks careful not to cover up all the white. Next use a #1 with a wax based gray and add little strokes of fur and highlight the wrinkles on the nose and around the muzzle. Use a #1 loaded with a light pink to add spots to the red gums on the werewolf to make them appear wet. 

Step 9: Mirror magic time! You could definitely add some blood splatter to make this an even creepier Halloween design.

Tip: Skip a haircut and add some gray face paint or colored hair spray for a more fun finished look.


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