Halloween Mashup: Half Face Freddy Krueger and Skeleton Face Paint by PTBarpun

With some pinky shades and a couple swipes of eyeshadow for shading, this Halloween half face paint of Freddy Kreuger and a skeleton is simple and effective! Follow the steps below for this simple tutorial!

Step 1

Half Face Paint
First, block out your eyebrows with a gluestick and some concealer. Take a detail brush and map out where your Freddy side ends and the skull part begins, then sloppily map out your gashes and scars. Use coral paint to fill in base color.

Step 2

Half Face Paint

I used a vibrant red as a base color in the scars, then with a thinner brush and a darker red begin to shade one half of each scar, lightly line inside as well.

Step 3

Half Face Paint

Mix deeper red with a tiny amount of black, further shade interior of scars, making sure to very thinly line all over as well. Mix coral with a little white and softly outline all scars to increase depth. Use detail brushes with vibrant red and white to add thin scarring and highlights all over.

Step 4

Half Face Paint

Use a reference photo of a skull and lightly map out where your teeth and cheek will be with white paint on a detail brush.

Step 5

Half Face Paint

Use dark grey eyeshadow on an angled brush and shade under Freddy portion onto skull to create a shadow. Use coral mixed with white to highlight Freddy portion. Use black paint on a detail brush to define teeth and cheek! 

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Paints in White 
Mehron Paradise Paints in Coral
Mehron Paradise Paints in Beach Berry
Mehron Paradise Paints in Black
Mehron Paradise Paints in Red
Grey Eyeshadow
Detail  Brushes
Angled Brush

Half Face Paint Skeleton and Freddy Kreuger

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