Webinar: How to Face Paint Halloween Designs With Kathy Vergara

In this webinar, face paint teacher Kathy Vergara, shows us how to do Halloween face paint designs! These designs are quick, easy to learn, and perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!

We're going to be using the new Kraze FX face paints, specifically the Kraze FX split cake palette and solid palette.

Halloween Design #1: Half Regular Skull and Half Sugar Skull Face Paint

Half Sugar Skull Half Regular Skull Face Paint Design

To save time, I'm going to do a half regular skull, and half a sugar skull.

So I'm going to start by taking this droplet sponge, making sure it's pretty dry, and loading it up with some white face paint. I'm just going to dab all around the forehead and nose area. Try to avoid the eyes, because we're going to paint over them.

You want to focus mainly on the high points of the face, like the forehead, the cheekbones, and anything that's going to stick out.

For the sugar skull half, I'm going to go all the way down with white face paint. But for the regular skull, I'm going to end right here, at the top of the mouth.

So you want just a really light dusting of a white base. This is a Kraze FX White Face Paint. So even though the Kraze FX white is really good for line work, you can also lay down a base.

Now we're going to start with the regular skull part, and I'm just going to get black on a filbert brush. I'm going to outline the shape of the eye. If you were doing a Halloween makeup, it's really helpful to have an anatomically correct model of a human skull in front of you to look at when you're doing this. So that you can see exactly where the high points and the depths are. This one is going to be a litle more stylized and less 100% accurate, so that it can be a little scarier for Halloween.

Then I'm just gonna go over the nose with black face paint, making a triangle. Now I'm going to make a couple of outlines, and split the face in half so we can define the separation between the sugar skull and the regular skull. If I were doing this at an event, I'd probably just do half, just because it's a little faster than a full entire skull.

Make a few lines at the top of the mouth for the skeleton's mouth. Now I'm just going to dry out my brush, I'm going to go back in with the black, and a pretty dry brush. This technique is called dry brushing and it's really good for creating shadows.

I'm just going to dry brush these shadows here to create some depth near these lines. So we're adding some strategically placed shadows, all along the lines we did earlier. I like to outline my darkest areas with a little bit of shadow, so it'll be by the nose, underneath the eye, by the mouth, by the skull, etc. The more shadows you put, the scarier your design becomes.

Because the teeth are going back towards the back of your mouth, you're going to want most of the shadow to be on these teeth that are going to be all the way back here, and then you're going to have a lighter shadow towards the front. Now I'm just going to put a couple more shadows.

So I'm going to get a brush with some white, and I'm just going to use a round brush. This is going to be a quick design. I'm just going to add some teardrops by the teeth of the skeleton. As you're going to the back of the mouth, you want the teeth to raise up just a little bit, to give the illusion that it's moving backwards.

Then I'm just going to take my brush and reinforce some of these highlights. This just helps to add contrast, and to really make the design pop. Since I put the teeth on, I'm just going to shade the back ones just a little bit. Then I'll finish with my round brush, just to sharpen up the outline of the teeth and the rest of the design with some black.

So there we have a really effective skull! If I wasn't explaining it, I could probably do this design in 5 minutes or less.

Now we're going to do the other side, the sugar skull, which is one of my favorites. I know they're everywhere, but I like them because you can do them in a million different ways.

So here we have a yellow-orange split cake from the Kraze FX Split Cake Paletteand I'm just going to load it and use a flat brush. Now we're going to make similar shapes to what we just did. We're going to come around the top of the eye, and outline the eye. So for a sugar skull, the shape of the eye, is going to be more round and less angular than a regular skull.

I'm going to reload my brush a little bit, and you can use the same color for the details, or you can load a different split cake. I'm just going to add some interest at the bottom of the face, by the chin. I'm going to just do a couple of petals. I like to also make some kind of flower at the forehead for my sugar skull. You can also do the nose in the same color.

Now I'm just going to outline these shapes that I made, the flowers. I'm going to outline the lips as well, just so you can see where the lips are suposssed to be.

I'm loading up a green split cake to paint some leaves around the flowers that I made. I'm going to finish up the leaves with some outlines.

So here is the part that I like that comes in, and there's many different ways you can do this. I start by outlining the eye using black. I'm going to giver her a little bit of outliner just to help define her eye again. Now we're going to come right on the cheekbone, and we're going to make some stylezied shadows, which is basically the same as we did for the skeleton, except on this side, we're going to make some swirls and tears drops and other shapes.

We can do little dots around the eye, and this is where it gets really fancy, because you can fill in the dots and the outline. As I get into the corner of the eye, the dots become smaller. We'll also have a few tear drops coming down onto the chin, and a couple at the top of the forehead. So you're basically adding a bunch of tear drops, lines, and dots, and just making everything really fancy.

You can totally stop here or you can keep going to make it even more fancy, but we have more designs to do, so I'm just going to stop here.

Halloween Design #2: Half Clown Face Paint Design

Half Face Clown Face Paint Design

Go over the entire face with a white base. In this case, I'm using Kraze FX in white. Let's get some red, because that's how clown designs usually start. I'm going to start with the nose. You can either do mouth open or mouth closed, depending on how quickly you want to do your design. A quicker way would be mouth closed. I'm going to take some yellow paint and draw on some teeth.

With some pink, I'm going to add some gums around the teeth. I like to stay right where the line of the mouth is. Go ahead and outline the mouth around the teeth using red face paint. Bring the red right around the corner of the mouth all the way to the middle of the eye, and then above the eyebrow.

Use black face paint to add in between the teeth. I'm going to go back to dry brushing really quick and just add a couple of smile lines by the mouth. We can also add some darkness underneath the eye, to make it look more scary.

I believe Pennywise has a super thin eyebrow, so go over it with black to make it nice and thin. And this is just a super basic Pennywise design if you're doing this at an event.

Now we're just going to add some highlights, and also outline the mouth and nose with black face paint. So that's it for the Pennywise face paint!

Now we're going to move onto my creepy clown, which is pretty similar, but a little bit different.

Mine has the teeth as if the mouth was ripped open. There are these big, jagged lines along the mouth. I'm going to do almost the same thing as we did on the other side for the eye. This design is sort of like he's wearing a clown's face on top of his face. Add red into the mouth, and add white teeth as well.

Remember you want to go up as you're moving backwards (for the mouth). Outline the teeth using black face paint. Outline the nose with black, and add some white highlights. Also add a lot of tiny highlights around the mouth.

Now I'm going to come in with blue face paint to make the clown makeup design. Do the same thing as you did for the Pennywise design - just shade in the areas. Make forehead wrinkles to make the design look creepy.

Halloween Design #3: Half Face Zombie Face Paint

Half Face Zombie Face Paint Design
A zombie can go many, many ways. You can do one that's skin tone, you can do one that pops out and it's super green and moldy, and everything in between. For the sake of being quick, I'm going to do a skin toned type of zombie.

I use white face paint to trace out the ripped areas around the mouth. I'll also do a patch of skin in the middle of the forehead, and just sketching out all the elements of this design. So I'm definitely going to do his teeth in like a yellowy brown color. I use a brown paint to fill in the gaps in between the yellow teeth.

At the top of the forehead, add some brain matter using a light pink paint. I'm just going to come in with some black, to trace the teeth. The teeth don't have to be perfect, you can make them a little gross. Now I'll go over my outline with some black.

Now I'm going to make brain shapes using black paint into the forehead design. Add some brown into the flap area on the forehead and highlight it with some yellow. I'm going to dry brush the flap area where I blended the brown and yellow. We're going to add some olive green mixed with a little bit of black right underneath the eye, to make the zombie look super sickly.

You want the cheeks to look very gaunt, and also give him some forehead wrinkles as well. Also paint the nose in black, to give the illusion of flesh being eaten away. So that's basically the gist of your easy, flesh toned zombie.

You could have also done the backgroud in green and then did all of that on top, but it's up to you! A nice touch would be to get a stipple sponge and then just add a little bit of brown, some red, and a touch of black, and dab around the face rips to give the illusion of blood spatter.

Halloween Design #4: Cyborg Face Paint

Half Face Cyborg Face Paint Design

Just like with the previous zombie design, we're going to map this one out as well. We're just going to take some white, and it doesn't always have to be white, it can just be a color that's close to the person's skin tone.

Block out a large area around the eye, as if something exploded. I'm going to take some silver, and fill in the blocks I traced. Now you just want to outline this area around the eyes, into a humanoid shape, but with a lot of angles because it's supossed to be a robot.

For the eyebrow of the robot, throw in some little rivets. Add some stripes down underneath the eye. I'm going to go in and highlight a little bit. Another thing I like to do with these designs, is to give it a red eyeshadow type of look, sort of like Terminator. Use the dry brushing technique to add some shading and depth. You can even use your stipple sponge to add some texture to your design.

Halloween Design #5: Jack-O-Lantern Face Paint

Half Face Jack-O-Lantern Face Paint Design

Make a design area for your Jack-O-Lantern. Think about the way a pumpkin breaks, with jagged lines. We're going to take an orange and black split cake, and fill in the area you've outlined. Outline the design with black face paint.

Use black paint to make the nose, and outline the eye area, as if putting on black eyeshadow. Use some white face paint to add highlights to your Jack-O-Lantern and do some dry brushing along the lines.

Materials Used in the Webinar:

Kraze FX Split Cake Palette in Splash
Kraze FX Paint Palette in Fundamentals
tipple Sponge
Flat Brush
Filbert Brush

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