Grrr It’s a Tiger, a Rainbow Tiger!

Rainbow Tiger


 Check out this awesome rainbow tiger face paint tutorial and follow along to create your own design!


High Density Hydra Foam Sponge
Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Rainbow Split Cake



1. Starting with the white face paint, and the hydra sponge, add white across the top of the mouth to create the muzzle. Add it around the eyes, and have it go up to the hair line above the eyes. Make sure to leave plenty of room on the forehead to add the rainbow paint.



2. Using a hydra sponge, make sure to load up fully with the rainbow split cake. You want to make sure to have the right mix of paint and water to ensure it will go on smoothly. You may want to test out on your arm beforehand. Once you have the right consistency, place the sponge vertical on the forehead. Align so the bottom is right at the top of the nose, and adjacent to where the white ends. Pivit the sponge across the forehead, keeping the bottom in place and pouncing across.


3. Continue to add in on both sides, following the same pattern of piviting the sponge. You may have to fudge it a little and overlap to make sure the face is covered. That’s okay.



4. Using the medium round brush, add the start of the stripes by following along where the white and rainbow meet on the forehead.  Paint the bottom of the nose black, and down the middle of the nose straight to the bottom of the lip. Paint the top lip and swoop around the side and up again, going between the white and rainbow.

3 and a half


5. Add stripes to the center of the forehead. I like to make a heart like shape in the middle of the forehead for the rainbow tiger as aposed to a regular orange tiger.



6. Finish adding stripes on the side of the face, and also fill in with dots to create an interesting affect.  Fill in the bottom lip with some color. I choose purple, but any rainbow color will look nice. Add two white teeth, with just one quick teadrop on each side of the mouth and you are done!

Adding a nice Pink Sheer glitter all over this design makes it really stand out!

Rainbow Tiger