Global Cakes Product Review

Split Cake Swatches

My split cake and rainbow cake collection is not as beautiful or impressive as some of my fellow face painter's collections, so last week I decided to grow my kit a little bit more by purchasing some new cakes. I purchased the Neon Nirvana 30gm cake, Oxford 50gm cake, and Sri Lanka 50 gm cake. I will be going through my thoughts on each of these products and some design ideas for each of them . 

Neon Nirvana (Top Swatch)
Most of my one stroke cakes are only comprised of a few colors, so I was a little bit skeptical of this cake because I thought that there would just be way too many colors. It turns out that all of the colors work so well together that it makes for a beautiful blended effect. As always, the Global colors are very vibrant, bright, and opaque. I absolutely love this one stroke cake, and I have a feeling that I am going to be using it a lot this spring season.

Design Ideas: These colors are perfect for any girl design, especially flowers, sunsets, and princess crowns. Coupled with some gold gems or liquid bling, this cake could create a really impressive design with great perceived value. 

Oxford (Middle Swatch)
This cake is now one of my absolute favorites. I usually stray away from any split cake with neons in it because the neon color tends to be overwhelming. However, the neon pink really woks in this case. As you can see in the picture, it blends very well and looks beautiful next to the purple. This is one of those color combinations that everyone will be impressed with at any event that you paint at. 

Design Ideas: This cake is a definite go-to for butterflies. It is also a great option for the girls who like Spider-Man, but want a more girly version of it. 

Sri Lanka (Bottom Swatch)
I bought this cake because I wanted something pearly and sheer, but much to my surprise, the the colors were much more opaque than I expected. Nevertheless, this color combination is gorgeous and perfect for spring. 

Design Ideas: This cake is perfect for anything nature related. Whenever I look at it, I just think of fairies and flowers. Try pairing this cake with some white double dip flowers and leaves. It is also perfect for girls that want a butterfly design, but are not that fond of pink. Just add some white glitter on top of anything that you do with this cake to elevate your design to the next level. 

Overall, I am so happy with these three purchases. They are going to be so useful for this busy spring season of painting. If you weren't crazy about these color combinations, I would highly recommend any of the Global cakes. They have yet to disappoint me; they are definitely one of the best brands when it comes to vibrancy and opaque coverage. I hope you found this review helpful. Happy painting!