Tutorial: Fun & Easy Four Leaf Clover Design

4 leaf clover

Here is fast and simple design for St. Patrick’s day. This is great for all the people who didn’t wear green that day!


Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Light Green Face Paint


1.Starting with the white face paint and the medium round brush, start to make a series of swirls where you want to start your design.


2. Next using green paint three four leaf clovers. I start with the stem, then add four oval shapes all joining in the middle. I add a tiny amount of black to the outer edge, then blend in.


3.Finally, once it’s dried, add a thin black outline around the edges. That’s it. Quick and easy.

4 leaf clover

Easily add glitter by using a spray bottle with water, and spritzing the design lightly at least 12 inches away.  Use a poof-able cosmetic grade  glitter to add evenly all around. Use different colors to really create an effect.

Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter Sheer Yellow