Festive Fall Crown Design


    After spending the weekend at the 41st LEAF festival( a beautiful arts and music festival that is right in my backyard, and filled with performances, from many local and international acts.)  I had several requests for various fall themed paintings. This is one similar to a few that I did at the festival.


    Medium #4 Round Brush
    Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

    Colors used in this picture:

    Black Face Paint
    White Face Paint
    Red Face Paint
    Yellow Face Paint
    Brown Face Paint
    Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Cooper
    Kryolan Face Paints – UV Dayglow Orange


    1. Using the medium round brush, and the yellow face paint, start by adding a leaf above the eye.


    2. Next, using the neon orange, paint a large shaped leaf over the other eye. Add a few small yellow leaves curving round the cheek.


    3. Now add a red leaf on the other cheek, and add in some red berries in between the leaves.


    4. Add in two sunflowers to the other cheek. Using copper, create two circles. Using the yellow, create teardrop shapes all around the edges of the circles.


    5. Mix in the different colors in the leaves. Take red and add to various parts of the big orange leaf. Use your finger to dab the paint around to disperse evenly.

    6. Next, using a small round brush, add white outlines to the design. Use white to create the veins in the leaves and also add in a few tear drops as well to fill in.


    7. Finally, outline in black.  Add glitter to really make it glow!