Diamond and Emerald Necklace Body Art by Kellie Burrus

Diamonds are a girls best friend - but real diamonds can be expensive! Why not paint on some precious gems and jewels? Creating illusions using face and body paint is a great way to wow your clients. People will love to have jewelry painted on them, either a quick version at a fair or a more detailed version for a private session.


Step 1: Load a round brush with a wash of glycerin-based, white paint, diluted with water, and sketch out your jewelry design. Make sure that all of the placement is correct; this is the quick stage where you can easily erase, move and correct before you move on to the next step.


Step 2: Now that you are feeling sure of the placement of the diamonds and emeralds you can begin to further develop your painting. Load a 1/2 inch angled brush with a green toned fun strokeand fill in the places where you have drawn in emeralds using a tear drop motion. Be sure to keep the lighter colors in the center.


Step 3: In this step load your round brush with your glycerin-based white paint and fill in all the areas where the diamonds will be. Load another round brush with a wash of a glycerin-based black paint and start creating areas of shadow within and around the diamonds. (I looked up photos of real diamonds so that I could understand what that looked like).


 Step 4: In step four, load a small round brush with a glycerin-based blackand add darker tones for shadows around the diamonds. Outline the emeralds and shade sides where shadows fall.


Step 5: Load a round brush with a medium wash of the glycerin- based white paint and begin to add some light to where the highlights are in the emeralds. Load another small round brush with black starblendsand add shadows falling on the skin around the emeralds.


Step 6: Load a small round brush with a wax based white paint and add bright, strong highlights over the wash highlights on the emeralds. Use the same brush loaded with a wax based white to dot, bright highlights onto the diamonds and around the prongs holding the emeralds in place. Now you are all set!

Materials Used:

- Paradise White Paint

- Paradise Black Paint

- DFX White

- Global Rainbow Explosion Fun Stroke Pallet 

- Mehron Black StarBlends

- American Painter 1/2 inch angled brush

- Loew-Cornell #2 round

- Loew-Cornell #4 round


Kellie Burrus is an all around artist who has been painting skin for six years now. She is the owner and operator of her company, Fabulous Faces by Kellie LLC, based in Long Island, New York.

Since her journey into face and body art Kellie has won several face painting contests and has been featured in face and body painting magazines.

Below are some links to Kellies social media pages that you may wish to check out and follow!