Top 6 Sugar Skull Face Paint Designs & Video Tutorials

If you're looking for the best sugar skull face paint designs, you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of our best and favorite sugar skull face paint tutorials so you can easily follow along!

Sugar skulls are extremely popular face paint designs for both kids and adults.  They are based off the "Day of the Dead", also known as "Dia De Los Muertos", which is Mexican holiday where the deceased are celebrated rather than mourned. 

Top Sugar Skull Face Paint Designs

Sugar skull designs can come in many different styles and colors from super colorful, to floral, glow in the dark, and black and white! Check out a few different ways to face paint a sugar skull!

#1. Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull Face Paint Design

In this video tutorial, face paint artist Francesca shows us how to do a glow in the dark sugar skull face paint design, better known as a calavera. Follow along with Francesca to create your very own skull face paint design, or do your own variation for a unique spin!

Products Used:

Cameleon - Neon Pink Flamingo UV face Paint
Cameleon - Neon Toxic Yellow UV face Paint
Cameleon - Neon Starlight White Blacklight UV face Paint
Cameleon - Baseline Black Velvet face Paint
Cameleon - Blue Metallic Victoriouse face Paint

#2. Sugar Skull With Feathers

Sugar Skull Face Paint Design

When you come up with different designs, you face the problem of choosing an idea. To draw something new, to make it interesting and new. The idea of this image was inspired by my earrings with blue feathers.

Step 1

The first step is to create a background of white paint on a damp sponge for the skull, I use Global Standard White, which covers well and tightens the skin. Do not use too much water, otherwise the paint will spread and leave the area around the eyes unpainted.

Step 2

Next I used TAG Pearl Green over the area on the forehead, temples, nose and chin, also using a sponge. Draw a line from the edge of the lips to the ears using round brush Loew-Cornell (#1), and under it shade Pearl Purple TAG. For the area around the eye and lips, I also used Pearl Green and Pearl Purple, but applied the paint Filbert Brush TAG #10. Try to blend the border of the color to avoid a sharp transition.

Step 3

Next, using Cameleon Baseline Strong Black and a Loew-Cornell Round #5, trace the eye area. Above it draw the petals using the Double Dip technique. I initially took three colors-white, purple and at the very tip of the brush black, but then noticed that the white merged with the background and replaced it with Pearl Green.

Draw the curve of the mouth from the corner of the lips to the cheekbone in black to make it more expressive. Draw vertical lines to represent teeth, starting at the middle, so the lines taper away from the mouth line in a thin, elegant manner. Also circle the the edge of the nose in black. 

Step 4

So, we came to the most interesting, but more complex step - drawing feathers. For this we need Split Cakes - I used Unicorn Magenta and Freshness and a TAG Flat Brush #8. Draw the three feathers using wave movements with the darker shades around the edges to make the feathers appear more voluminous.  

Step 5

It is time for the stroke a black color slim round brush. Draw veins on the feathers to make them look more realistic.

Step 6

And at the last stage we will add white teardrop-shaped strokes, rhinestones and glitter. On the eyelid of the right eye, I also applied pearl shades, which are used in the picture. You can add black eyeliner to make the eye brighter. And now let's make our image more vivid - paint the hair using the same mother-of-pearl TAG colors. But this can be applied only on light hair, on dark it will not show vividly. Add a little Shine to the white and eyes with a similar color Glitter Gel-Blue Monday.

Products Used:

Global Body Art White Face Paint - Standard White
Chameleon Baseline Strong Black
TAG Split Cake "Freshness"
TAG Split Cake "Unicorn Magenta"
Tag Green Face Paints - Pearl Green
Tag Purple Face Paints - Pearl Purple 
Loew Cornell Round No.5 Brush
TAG One Stroke #8 Flat Brush (21/32")
TAG #10 Filbert Brush (5/8")
Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
American Body Art Pixie Paint  "Blue Monday "
Amerikan Body Art Glitter - Holographic White

#3. Traditional Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are a beautiful and ornate way to honor the departed souls of friends, loved ones, and relatives and are most commonly found during the Mexican celebration Día de Muertos (or Day of the Dead). 

In this video tutorial, Ashlie Alvey will show you a variation of a full-face Sugar Skull design that you can paint in honor of loved ones gone on. 

Supplies Used:

Silly Farm Shadow Arty Brush Cake (sub with PartyXplosion Block M)
5/8" Angled Brush

Kryolan Aquacolor White
Kabuki Brush
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette 
Lollipop Applicator
Cameleon Fire Red
Sugar Glitter - Azucar
Small Filbert Brush
Large Filbert Brush
Diamond FX White
Diamond FX Black
Loew-Cornell Round Brush #4
Loew-Cornell Round Brush #2

#4. On the Job Sugar Skull

This quick sugar skull design is perfect for both children and adults. A great on the job design to do on those who don´t like blood and other scary stuff for Halloween. 

Products Used:

FAB/Superstar ”White”
FAB/Superstar ”Cotton Candy Shimmer”
FAB/Superstar ”Berry Shimmer

Global Palette Leanne´s Tropical
Festival Glitter "Diva Pink"
Liquid Bling "Fuchsia"

Tools used:

Half Moon Sponge by Always Wicked
Petal Sponge by Always Wicked
Loew Cornell 795 Round #4
Loew Cornell Angle 1/2" brush

Loew Cornell Angle 3/4" brush

#5. UV Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial

UV Sugar Skull Face Paint Design

Let's make your next Sugar Skull UV! This Sugar Skull looks great in Black Lights or regular lights. So if one of your customers wants to wow the crowd, suggest this look for some added Sugar Skull attention.

Step 1

Begin by loading your Kabuki brush with Paradise White and using a circular motion, cover the face. Next, load your filbert brush with the magenta and black from your Global Split Cake and paint the eye cavity. Keep the darker color on the outside. Then, load your blush brush with Mehron Hot Pink Powder and contour the cheeks and temples.

Step 2

Load your filbert brush with Mehron Hot Pink Powder and Ben Nye Violet and apply on top of the paint eye cavities. Use a generous amount of hot pink on the top lids. You will also want to apply the hot pink on top of the violet so it will glow under black lights.

Step 3

Next, load your Flat brush with your Neon Arty Cake (any neon arty cake will do) and apply flower petals shapes to the chin, forehead and sides of eye cavities as shown.

Step 4

Then, load your #4 round brush with Neon Green from your Global Palette and paint swirls and leaves as shown. Next, load your #4 round brush with Paradise Black and paint the nose, then powder with the Hot Pink.

Step 5

Load your #4 round brush with Neon Green and add dots around the eyes, you will want to alternate neon green and neon blue. Then, load your #4 round brush with FAB Minty Blue and paint the lips then outline the flower petals and swirls.

Step 6

Load your filbert with Ben Nye Violet and darken the cheek cavity. Then, load your #4 round brush with Paradise Black and outline everything and give eyeliner. You will also add a few teardrops and paint the lip stitches.

Finally, add a little hot pink powder to the lip stitches. You can add extra uv color to make sure it really pops if needed. And you are all done!

Products Used:

Paradise White W Face Paint
Global Body Art Fun Stroke Split Cake - Neon Nirvana
FAB Blue Face Paint - Minty Blue
Paradise Black B Face Paint
Diamond FX Neon/Blacklight Palette
Mehron Intense Pro Pressed Powder - Hot Pink
Ben Nye Pressed Powder Eye Shadow - Violet
Mehron Powder Brush
Mehron Kabuki Brush
Paradise AQ Prisma Flat Brush
Silly Farm Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush
Mehron Mark Reid Signature #4 Round Brush

#6. Quick and Easy Kids Sugar Skull Tutorial

This super quick and easy kids sugar skull face paint tutorial is great for beginners and the perfect Halloween makeup!


Step 1: Using a chisel brush and white face paint to outline a skull on the face: a backwards "B" on the left side of the face and a "B" on the right side of the face. Fill the white face paint inside the outline and blend everything in. Make sure that edge is defined.

Step 2: Use a chisel brush and add black face paint on the eyelids and around the eyes.

Step 3: Using a medium brush add black around the nostrils.

Step 4: Add lines to make mouth with black face paint and a small brush over the lips. Put half circles evenly space around eyes with grey face paint with a small brush. Dot the half circles with purple face paint and a small brush. Outline the semicircles in black face paint with a small brush.

Products Used:

Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Gray Face Paint Refills - Gray 115 (0.14 oz/2 ml)
Ruby Red Purple Face Paints - Purple 770


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