Easy Joker Face Paint Videos & Tutorials

The Joker is Batman's archenemy and during Halloween, this scary clown is more popular than Batman himself. 

Today, we're going to show you four different versions of joker face paint designs! We'll have an easy peasy one that's great for kids, a medium difficulty design for adults, and a more complex female joker that will wow everyone at a party!

#1. Creepy Joker Halloween Makeup

Creepy Joker


Arguably one of the best portrayals of a comic book villain was that of Heath Ledgers’ adaptation of the Joker. The twisted sociopath brought forth in this landmark performance left most of us shivering with horror at his disregard of all human life. The tutorial which follows is in honor of an actor who left us all too soon and definitely wanting more.

Step 1. You will mix the Wolfe Blood effects according to the provided directions. The plastic knife and Styrofoam plate are used for the mixing process.

Step 2. Apply the blood effect to create the base of your scar, the knife works well for the applicator.

Step 3. Use the stipple sponge to apply flesh colored latex over the silicone blood.

Step 4. As the latex dries the knife can be used to add texture and shape the latex.

Step 5. Use a hair dryer on cool mode to aide the drying process. As the latex sets and becomes tacky, pinch the skin to help create a deeper looking scar.

*Using the flesh latex will allow a bit of realistic flesh tone to show through the white makeup. If we wanted this effect without white makeup, a flesh tone foundation would be used to match the latex.

Step 6. With a cotton ball or paper towel dab the Castor seal over latex. This process allows the makeup to cover latex smoothly.

Step 7. Use complexion brush to apply neutral set powder. This will eliminate the shine of the latex and silicone simulating real flesh and scar.

Step 8. Wet the hydra sponge and collect a generous amount of Wolfe white makeup on the sponge, pat the makeup on giving an uneven look. Cover the face and neck; eye sockets can be left clear for the black.

*Be sparse over the scar to allow your excellent FX work to be seen.

Step 9. Rinse sponge thoroughly and continue with Wolfe black makeup around eyes.

Step 10. Use the edge of the sponge to flare the black out from edges of eyes. Smudge a bit of black across forehead.

Step 11. Wet the Wolfe red makeup cake and use the cosmetic wedge to apply makeup over mouth scars. Again make sure to allow some of the FX work to show through.

Almost there: With the makeup applied, give a final look to see if you are happy with your work so far. The final stages are a wig and wardrobe.

Step 12.To amp up our look the wig was wet down and a leave in conditioner used to give a haggard appearance.

Products Used:

Wolfe Silicone Blood FX
Cinema Secrets flesh liquid latex  Flesh tone latex is close to a neutral Caucasian pigment.

Wolfe Essentials: WhiteBlackRed
Graftobian Castor Seal
Mehron Neutral setting powder


Mehron Hydra sponge= cut in half
Mehron Cosmetic wedge
Mehron Stipple sponge
Mehron Complexion  powder brush

Other items: Hair dryer, plastic knife, cotton balls, Styrofoam plate

#2. Joker Face Paint Tutorial for Adults

The much darker side of the Gotham City saga will be in theaters soon with the Suicide Squad movie. Jared Leto will be delivering his take on the Joker along with an all new makeup design. Let’s take a look at how you can accomplish this twisted new style of the Joker.

Joker Face Paint Design

 Step 1. Using our halved makeup sponge apply liquid white to entire face neck and ears. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.

Step 2. With the black eye pencil write the word Damaged on the forhead, the letter J on the cheek and hash line above the eye.

Step 3. Now for the Soleil Red for inner eye and along lower eye lid. Use the small applicator.

Step 4. Blend in the Lumiere Black and continue outward to the edge of the eyelid. Add a streak of black from each corner of the eye.

Step 5. Use your black eye pencil to detail the bottom eyelid.

Step 6. The smokey green eye pencil is used to add contour lines at the nose and eye brow area.

Step 7. With the contour brush apply Lumiere black to cheek line and temple area.

Step 8. Continue this process along the jaw line and along the throat.

Step 9. Go back over the face with the white to touch up any areas missed or that were smudged during the makeup application.

Step 10. The small applicator will work great for adding the Porto red to the lips.

Step 11. Carefully shielding the face with your hand, spray the hair with green hairspray. If you over spray onto the face, touch up with the sponge and white makeup.

Products Used:


Mehron Liquid White
Ben Nye Lumiere Black
Ben Nye Soleil Red Powder
Mehron Nuance Porto Red
Mehron Eye Pencil in Smokey Green
Mehron Eye Pencil in Black
Graftobian Green Hairspray
Ben Nye Final Seal


Ben Nye Rouge Brush
Small Applicator Brush
Makeup Sponge

#3. Female Joker by Ana Cedoviste

If you really want to impress at a Halloween party or any themed party for that matter, recreate this female joker face paint design! It's creepy, it's accurate, and it's just simply amazing! Follow along with Ana to recreate this joker face paint design!

Products Used:

Party XPlosion in Black
Mehron Paradise AQ Paints in:

Pressed Powder Eyeshadows in:

Tools & Accessories:

Liquid Latex
Face Paint Sponge
Powder Brush
Small Round Brush
Small Filbert Brush
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Blood Gel
Fake Eyelashes
Green Wig

Female Joker Face Paint

#4. Joker Face Paint Tutorial For Kids

This quick and easy Joker face paint tutorial is great for kids who are fidgety and can't sit for long periods of time!

Step 1: Use a chisel brush and outline the face in white face paint. Fill in the white face paint using a sponge. Scrunch up the models face and splotch up the face paint with a sponge. Coverage can be spotty. 

Step 2: Use a chisel brush and add purple face paint to the eyelids. Take your chisel brush and lightly add some black face paint over the eyelids. Make it sloppy and scary. Smear it a bit with a sponge over and around the eyes.

Step 3: Use a medium brush and red face paint to make a big red mouth. You can make this uneven. Smear with sponge.

Products Used:

Ruby Red White 100 Face Paint
Ruby Red Black 150 Face Paints
Ruby Red Red Face Paints - Red 250
Ruby Red Purple Face Paints - Purple 770