Mehron Liquid Latex Adhesive


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Mehron Latex Liquid is a liquid rubber that dries clear, perfect for applying latex appliances, crepe hair or making unusual skin textures like wrinkles. Liquid Latex requires no remover; simply peel cured latex from the skin (see instructions). The 1 ounce bottle of Mehron Liquid Latex includes a brush for easy application.

Please note that we cannot ship liquid latex items in the winter months, as freezing will damage them.
How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 1 ounce Mehron Liquid Latex will give 10 to 50 applications, depending on use. You can apply dozens of prosthetics, or do 1-2 skin effects.
Each 4.5 ounce Mehron Liquid Latex bottle gives 20-80 applications. You can apply a hundred prosthetics, or do several skin effects.

How Do I Apply & Remove This Product?
Warning: Latex should never be applied to fabric or hair, it will not surrender hair. To protect sensitive skin, use Barrier Spray under latex. Do not freeze latex or expose to direct sunlight.

Brush on a thin layer of Mehron Liquid Latex to the desired area and allow to dry. You can speed up the drying of the liquid latex by using a cool hair dryer. To create textures, use flaked cereal, cotton, tissue, etc. and apply Liquid Latex on top to create a rotting flesh effect. Repeat if necessary. To create a scar or wrinkled effect, build up thin layers of Liquid Latex.

Remove by gently peeling from skin followed by soap and water. Makeup remover will soften dry latex but will not dissolve it. There is no remover for latex, so caution should be taken when applying latex.

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