Easter Designs Webinar with Pam Kinneberg (Recap)


Pam Kinneberg joins us again for another awesome face painting webinar. This time, she will be sharing her cute and colorful Easter designs.

Here are the designs she did during the webinar!

Easter Bunny


Easter Basket Kitty


Easter Eye (Bonus design)

Tols and Products Used:


  1. With a 3/4 flat brush and Rainbow Flower one-stroke, paint a swoosh from the cheek and up. 
  2. With the W12 Easter Bunny stencil, sponge one end with white paint.
  3. Paint white swirls using your brush and white paint. 
  4. For the petals, take white and blue paint from one-stroke using a petal b rush. Paint petals on a pattern on top of the rainbow swoosh.
  5. Paint some dark blue strokes in the petals using you Global Dark Blue.
  6. Finally, put some Rave Festival Chunky glitter on the design for added effect.

About the Artist

Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, Wet Paint Magazine and SillyFarm Newsletters.