Cute Dragon Design by Belén te Pinta

This dragon design follows the usual structure of the winged pony designs, trying to be cute and girly, but it can be easily changed into a boyish one with just a few changes.


I only used the PartyXplosion Palette for colours, apart from Diamond FX black and white for outline and highlights.


Diamond FX Black

Diamond FX White

PartyXplosion Palette

Filbert Brush Number 8

Loew Cornell Round Number 1

Silly farm Paint Pal Swirl number 6

Dragon Skin Stencil

Gold Chunky Glitter

Step 1

With a number one brush draw the outline of a cute dragon face and the shape of the wings.



Step 2

Fill in with a filbert brush the inner part of the wings and with a number six round paint the dragon face, horns and the outer part of the wings.


Step 3

Outline the design in black with a number one round brush and paint the centre of the eyes in black too.


Step 4

Stencil some white spots on the dragon head or draw some subtle spots on it if you don’t have a stencil. Highlight  the upper areas of head and wings with a watery white and draw a couple of white dots on the centre of the eyes to make them pop.

I personally like very much to paint over black outlines again with a damp brush to soften the lines.


Step 5

Using an angle brush paint some flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth and from the tips of the wings too and outline these flames with white thin lines to give them more movement.



Step 6

As a final, optional touch we can add some dots and glitter



Belén Canosa is the owner of Belén te Pinta and has been working as a professional face painter since 2011 when she discovered a passion for painting on a live canvas.

She loves belly painting and teaching and her works have been featured in several face and body painting magazines like Skin Markz Magazine, Illusion Magazine, Pintamos? and Qmagazine

You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook:

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