Little Dragon Design by Marina

I'm always on search for boys designs that are fast but have that wow effect.

This little guy is really simple and kids love him.

Step 1

For this design I've learned it is best way to first do a sketch of him and then color it.

First step for creating this litle dragon will be his eyes.For all the sketching I`m using No1 loew cornel brush,and global black colour.Paint the eyes leaving small gap between.You can leave two dots for white colour or you can paint it black and then go back and put white dots on top(I`m leaving mine not colored so I remember to go back and paint them)


Step 2

Between eyes paint a small nose.Then paint down side of a head with curved line that ends right under each eye.Now paint him set of two spikes on each side;as you can see mine are not exactly the same but try to get them in same line to be symmetrical.After that paint ears and conect them.


Step 3

This dragon has a quite wide neck so paint two short lines on each side,use center of the eye as guideline.Paint two front legs,conect them to create belly.Behind front legs  paint only part of back leg on both sides.


Step 4

For wings i do curve going up and then shorter curve going down.Draw few lines going from middle of the wing and connect them with curves.Between ears i added two little horns and from them to nose did series circles big to small.Paint highlights in eyes and color of them is optional.


Step 5

Now comes the fun part,you can paint dragon in whatever color kid wants.I`v done them in red/yellow,pink,blue and they all looked great.Even painted one with black Mehron Paradise starblend that`s great to.Ad some white dots diferent sizes on ears and legs.For background this time I`v used brick and fire stencils.And that`s it,I promise you after first try you are gonna see how simple this litle dragon is.


Products used for this design

loew cornell no1 brush

global black paint

global white paint

BAM stencil 4001

I hope you like this one and are going to try it!

Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!