Cute Witch Face Painting for Halloween


Here is a pretty witch design for Halloween.  I like to change it up and do different styles and versions of witches. This is great way to be a fun, and playful witch for Halloween. No need for a ugly pointed hat and black tattered dress. Live it up with colors, and vibrancy! You still got to watch out though, because she can still turn children that don’t behave into toads.

Colors Used:

Black Face Paint
Light Green
Dark Green
Purple Face Paint
Diamond FX Face Paints – Lavender


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

High Density Hydra Foam Sponge


1. Using the hydra sponge cut in half, load one side with light green. You will need a lot so go ahead and take the extra time, to load it up well. Evenly apply all over face, going all the way back to the hairline. Cover the ears and neck.


2. Using the other side of the hyra sponge, and a little less water than normal, Sponge over the eyes, like you would for a zombie, or monster. This will sink in the eyes a little and give a monster-esk look.


3. Still using a hydra sponge, add purple to the very edge of the sponge only. Tap the color over the eyelids, and out to the outer edge of the eyes.  I also use sponges for lip coverage as well. I find it easier to control. Just part lips and sponge on the color lightly.


4. Next, grab your medium round brush, and lavender color.  Add some eyeliner affect over the top of the eyelids, and swoop out to the temples.

5. Next, using the same brush, Fill in eyebrows. Eyebrows can be tricky, as your trying to get the paint in between the hairs. You may want to practice this beforehand, and practice a few times. It’s easier to erase when there is no base coat!

6. Using the small round brush do another line over the eyelids that follow the lavender line out and to the temples.


5. With the same small round brush, continue to add a series of small, curved lines radiating out from the corner of the eye.  Repeat on each side.


6. Finally, simply paint curved lines linking the previous lines to each other. This is the same web pattern for Spiderman You want to do “C” shapes with the bulk of the curve pointing to the starting point. ( The corner of the eye).

Have fun! I had this wig just lying around, and decided it would work with the design. What else do you think could be added to make this costume complete?

Witch Face Paint Design