Cute Snowman Face Paint Design by Marina Krmek

I love love this time of the year! Found this little guy on Google and just had to paint him. Hope you will paint this cute snowman face paint design along with me!

Step 1: Creating a Basic Shape

With Kraze FX White face paint, create a basic shape for your snowman.For this, I used a filbert brush because it has nice round tip and therefore is easy to create the snowman's arms and cheeks.

Step 2: The Snowman's Accessories

A hat and a scarf are must have items for our cute snowman,right? A filbert brushand Paradise Beach Berry  face paint are used.

Step 3 -Bringing Him to Life

I'm taking my round brush No3 and Kraze FX Grey face paint to do basic lining.I chose a gray color for our cute snowman because it's softer, and this way the lining won't take over the whole design. Add eyes and a few buttons to his belly using Kraze FX Black face paint and a round brush No3.

Step 4 - Adding Details

Now that we painted our cute snowman, let's make him even more cute. Painting holly and other details will bring value to our design and make it special. A short flat brush and Kraze FX Lush split cake are great for painting holly. His hair was painted with a round brush No.2 and Kraze FX Brown,and using the same brush, we'll do the lining in black.

Step 5 - Finishing Up

I decided to give our snowman a little bell,and Kraze FX Metallic Goldis great for this, and again, I used a filbert brush. Add a little pompom to his hat with white and that's as cute as he can get! Using Mehron Black Starblend and a blending brush, I added shadows, and with an almost dry brush with a little white paint on it, I added highlights.This last step is to add dimension to our cute snowman design.

Step 6 (OPTIONAL) 

At parties, often kids will ask for the same thing as the kid before him,and then we can play around with details, lining, and background of the design, so that even it's the same design, every child can have a unique design just by adding different details.

You can add stenciled snowflakes,or blue background,or just white lining around whole design.


Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White 
Kraze FX Brown
Kraze FX Gray
Kraze FX Lush
Kraze FX Metallic Gold
Mehron Starblend Black
Paradise Beach Berry


Blending Brush
Short Flat Brush
Prima Barton Filbert Brush
Round No3
Round Brush No.2

Snowman Face Paint Design


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica and bloger.Mom of 4 kids. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!
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