Cute Reindeer Eye Tutorial!

How to create a Cute Reindeer Eye design tutorial!

Brushes Used:

Filbert Brush, #4, #3 & #2 brush

You can find these Brushes: Here

Paint Used:

Tag Brown, Red, Green

Paradise Yellow

DFX White & Black





Step 1: Load your Tag Brown with your filbert brush (any size brush will do just judge it off your face) Now create a deer like design like shown around your eye. Be careful not to get it in your eyes!

Step 2: Add your antlers make a squiggle line and add the tear drops without coming to a point.

Step 3: Add the Red nose with your Red Tag and a Size 4 brush ( again any brush will do in this case )

Step 4: Now with your DFX Black and a #2 brush ( which I do recommend for outlines) outline the outside of the Reindeer, antlers and nose.

Step 5: With your #2 brush and DFX white, add some white highlights to key parts as seen in the photo. With your #4 brush (any size round brush is fine) make a couple yellow circles which will be your bells.

Step 6: Add your outline to your bells to finish them off, make a line with a circle at the end

Step 7: Reindeer had a thought! Lets make some Lights!!

Step 8: load your #3 brush and add a misc. line to the antlers, Now with your Red, Green and Yellow add a pedal shape almost backwards like for your lights.

Step 9: Take your DFX black and #2 and outline your lights and you are done.

Have fun and let your reindeer make funny eye movements! it’s fun! and funny to look at, you will be the center of attention the party you are at! If it doesn’t look like mine don’t fret, practice makes perfect!