Tutorial: Cartoon Tractor & Rising Sun

I had the fun of visiting my parents’ farm during Labor Day weekend and enjoying a great family reunion, and this design (although our tractors were always red because we had Farmalls) is inspired by our wonderful sunny weekend. I probably should have added a windmill, since ours is still functioning, but I don’t think it would have fit on my model’s forehead.


TAG Yellow Face Paint
TAG Orange Face Paint
TAG Light Green Face Paint
TAG Medium Green Face Paint
Mehron Paradise Silver
Diamond FX, Wolfe, or Cameleon White
Diamond FX, Wolfe, or Global Black
1/4-inch Flat Brush
#1 Round Brush
Small Filbert Brush
#5 Round Brush


Begin by sponging light green and yellow over the forehead as shown in the photo below. I left a spot for my green tractor because I didn’t want the yellow to pick up in the white eyes for the cartoon tractor.

Having attempted this design a couple of times, I’d probably move the tractor up a bit in the future, because painting in the eyebrows is difficult, so consider this as you place the design on the forehead of the person you’re painting.

Add the eyes with white and your #5 round brush, but use the small filbert and medium green to paint the tractor and black wheels. I filled the center of my tractor wheels with silver, because I’m able to paint it over black easily, but you could also put in a green center if you prefer.

On the other side of the forehead, use TAG orange to make the half-circle which will become the face of the sun.

Load your 1/4-inch flat brush alternately with orange or a combination of yellow and orange and make the rays of the sun by pulling your brush from the edge of the sun’s circle out over the yellow background in different lengths.

Outline with your #1 (or #2) round brush and black. Be careful to stay on the tip of your brush for best results with your line work.

Finally, use your #1 round brush and white to create highlights on your design.

Enjoy your cartoon tractor and sunrise!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by to see other face painting tutorials by Beth. 

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