Care Bear With Rainbow and Stars


The Care Bears appeared in the 80's in TV series and specials and each of them has a special "belly badge" that represents their personality and they all reflect different aspects of virtuous life: sympathy, friendship, cheer, sportsmanship, etc. Care Bears are helpful, give good luck and they are cute and cuddly. That's why they became so popular and all children love them.

Today we are painting the yellow Care Bear, so let's get started!

Step 1

Load a Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl # 6 with PartyXplosion Yellow, and paint the shape of the bear's head and body, leaving blank spaces for the eyes, muzzle and belly. Then, shade softly with the same brush using PartyXplosion Orange.

Step 2

Load Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl # 6 with Fab White and paint belly, muzzle and eyes, leaving the blank spaces for the centre of the eyes and for the nose.

Step 3

Load  Silly farm Paint Pal Swirl # 4 with Superstar Bubblegum Pink and paint the tip of the nose and the inner part of the ears. Now load it with Diamond FX Black and paint the center of the eyes.


Step 4

Paint a rainbow with wiggly movements above and below the bear and another one on top of the bear's belly with Paradise AQ Prisma Flat Brush and PartyXplosion Vivid Rainbow.


Step 5

Now with Jest Paint Bolt Liner mix Fab Indian Brown with Diamond FX Black for a softer finish and outline the full design with a thin line. Paint some tiny eyelashes too curving them towards the corner of the eyes.


Step 6

Load a sponge with Diamond FX White and paint some stars using BAM Stars Stencil, then add some small dots in between the stars, on the bear's belly and eyes and outline the bear's shape with Jest Paint Bolt Liner to make it pop even more. Finally, with watery white give some light on top of ears, hair, shoulder and legs.

Your design is ready!

 Care Bear


PartyXplosion Yellow

PartyXplosion Orange

Fab White

Superstar Bubblegum Pink

Diamond FX Black

PartyXplosion Vivid Rainbow

Fab Indian Brown

Diamond FX White

Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl # 6

Silly farm Paint Pal Swirl # 4

Paradise AQ Prisma Flat Brush

Jest Paint Bolt Liner

BAM Stars Stencil


Belén Canosa is the owner of Belén te Pinta and has been working as a professional face painter since 2011 when she discovered a passion for painting on a live canvas.

She loves belly painting and teaching and her works have been featured in several face and body painting magazines like Skin Markz Magazine, Illusion Magazine, Pintamos? and Qmagazine

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