Butterfly Monthly Challenge

Butterflies are one of the loveliest animals in the world. Most of the time, we see them around flowers, gardens, forests, and many pristine places. The reason why people love to have them painted on them. 

Aside from being symmetric, the butterfly theme is versatile and can be used with various techniques and colors. 

Last November, we ran a Butterflies Design Contest and we were absolutely impressed with the designs we received and with how many joined our contest. Face painters of various locations, levels of expertise, styles, and techniques. 

But, one design caught our judge's attention and was awarded the winner of our contest.

The Geometric Butterfly

Inspiration came in to me when the butterfly competition started on ITP (I paint there since November 2017 every single day)... and at this date my Collaboration paint from Game Of Paints (my group of the fabulous girls from around the world) was due too and we had a Geometric theme so I decided to combine these two in one. "Bargain!" I said to myself. I still struggle with symmetric butterflies and avoid them when I can but I decided to challenge myself this time.

What our judge really liked about her design is that she was able to create a different twist on the standard butterfly. It was really creative but still stayed on the theme. 

According to Pola, she used her all-time favorite, Nirvana cake from Leanne's Tropical Collection with flat 3/4 brush then Black Diamond FX with Lowell Cornell #3 and Diamond FX white with #1 for dots and a bit of Black Starblend for shadows. 

About the Artist

Pola AJ started face painting 3-4 years ago but was not very consistent, according to her. But, everything changed when she joined the face painting group, Inspiration to Paint, last year. 

Inspiration to Paint is a face painting group where in face painters join a daily face painting challenge and submit their designs daily for a whole month! During this time, face painters get valuable tips, guides, and advice from their group members to improve their skills. 

You can find Pola's designs in her Facebook page :

Here are some of her designs from her page : 

Here are the entries we got in our Butterfly Contest :