Bulldog Face Paint Tutorial by Artist Ashlie Alvey

While I, myself, am not particularly "sporty" I can appreciate that there are masses of people who are! And where there are die-hard fans trekking across the state to support their favorite teams, there is no doubt a need for face painters to help them transform into the coolest and proudest sports fans in the stadium. 

I created this step-by-step bulldog design to show a little school spirit for one of the most popular college football teams in my state, the Georgia Bulldogs! Of course it is versatile enough to be used when a client requests a non-sports related bulldog too! Feel free to change up the colors and get creative! 

Pro tip: To create Rubble from Paw Patrol, simply follow the steps 1-3 below but instead of the white, grey, black gradient cake, use one like TAG Teddy Bear One Stroke Cake. Finish the remaining steps exactly as shown. 

There are just a few products that you will need for this tutorial. So with a little bit of practice and repetition, this design will be sure to create a speedy WOW factor at your next event! 

You will need: 

Step one: Load your 1/2" or 3/4" inch flat brush with TAG Magpie one stroke cake. Use the size brush that best fits the face that you are painting. I used a 3/4" because I painted this onto my adult face. When loading your brush, try to avoid getting too much of the black paint onto the bristles. 

Keeping the grey side down make an M shape above your eyebrows. Then flip your brush so the white is on the bottom and make two ear shapes on either sides of the M you previously painted. 

Step 2: Continuing with your flat brush loaded with the grey and white gradient add another M shape above the eyebrows. Again, keep the grey on the bottom and be sure not to cover up the grey you have just laid down previously. Keeping these grey gradients will really add to the depth and dimension of the finished design. 

Step 3: Connect the area under the eyes with the one-stroke cake making sure to keep the grey side up. This creates a typical mask shape. If you were in a big hurry you could end the base of your design right now. But, I think we should keep going, don't you?

Step 4: Paint a rounded diamond that is laying on its side over the nose area. Keep this just below the mask portion we just completed in the step prior. Be sure to keep the grey on the outside of the diamond and the white toward the center. 

Step 5: Let's make some droopy bulldog jowls! With the grey on the outside and the white butting up against the grey from the diamond, make a swooping motion down both sides. Make sure these are round and droopy. Don't allow your brush to go past the line of your lips. 

Step 6: Fill in the empty areas of the bulldog face such as the eyes, the nose, and give the puppy round cheeks just above the jowls and below the eye area. 

Step 7: We're ready for that line work. My favorite part! If we have followed the other steps closely then we should already be able to "see" where our lines will need to go. Outline the top of the head and ears. Then and add a rounded W for a furled brow.  See how they fit together nicely and create some great wrinkles? 

Step 8: Continue on with your outlining. Be sure to vary the thickness of your line work from thick to thin. Add in the brows and a then a thin and small triangle pointing down toward the snout. Paint a small hump over the bridge of the nose between the eyes and then follow the line of your jowls. 

Step 9: Finish up by adding a nose and "frowning" mouth. Keeping the nose, eyes and muzzle up toward the center of the face will give the adorable squishy bulldog effect. 

Step 10: Round any hard corners. This is optional but I feel it really adds to the overall effect and makes the bulldog look chubby and wrinkly! And, well, I just think it looks cool. 

Step 11: With a number 2 round brush let's give our bulldog that cute little under bite by adding two teeth. If you feel comfortable using the same number 4 we had previously been using for line work, definitely go for it. I chose a number 2 because I wanted to be sure didn't go too crazy with the teeth and also because I wanted to add some thin lines around the eyes for extra definition and, you guessed it, MORE wrinkles. 

Step 12: HIGHLIGHTS! This is our final step and we will have ourselves a proper bulldog! With your round brush, 2 or 4, fill in the white of the teeth, and go around the bulldog face adding white highlights anywhere the light would touch. Remember these dogs have loads of rolls and wrinkles! So add some highlights to the brow wrinkles, around the jowls, and across the black nose. 

And there you have it. All done! I hope you found this tutorial fast, fun, and useful!


Ashlie Alvey is the owner and artist of Chubby Cheeks Body Art in coastal Savannah, Georgia. You can find her artwork featured in such publications as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine. Ashlie is most passionate about creating happy memories for her clientele in the form of birthday party entertainment and one-of-a-kind maternity art. You can follow her on Instagram at and view her Facebook business page at