Tutorial: Beautiful Peacock

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

Painting adult designs can be just as fun as painting for children. My beautiful model loves peacocks, so I used that as inspiration for this design. I hope you enjoy this beautiful peacock.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Ben Nye Lumiere Palette
  2. Paradise Brilliant Gold
  3. Paradise Brillant Green
  4. Paradise Brilliant Light Blue
  5. Paradise Brilliant Purple
  6. Paradise Black
  7. Purple and green glitter
  8. Mehron Metallic Gold Powder
  9. Mehron Mixing Lquid
  10. Smoothie Blender
  11. #4 Round Brush
  12. Filbert Brush

The Application:

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

Load your Smoothie Blender with Green and Gold from your Ben Nye Lumiere Palette and apply to the following areas:

  • sides of the nose
  • top of the chin
  • on the eyelids
  • top of the forehead at the hairline
  • under the eyes
  • top of the cheekbones

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

For extra contouring, you can also add the green and gold mixture to the neck area.

From here you will load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Gold and begin outlining the peacock feathers. You will have one peacock feather coming off the corner of the eye, and the smaller, half feathers down the side of the face. From here, you will add full peacock feathers in a cascading pattern that continues down the neck and onto the shoulder.

Load your smoothie blender with blue from your Ben Nye Lumiere palette and roughly add color to each feather.

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

Load your Filbert Brush with Paradise Brilliant Light Blue and fill in each feather. Load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Brilliant Bottle Green and Purple and paint in the “eye” of the peacock feathers. Next you will load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Black and create the contrast color on each peacock “eye”.  Continuing with the Paradise Black, paint in several swirls on the top and bottom of the eye area. You will also add swirls to the other eye as well.

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

Now grab your glitter. Using your #4 Round brush, add a small amount of  Paradise Brilliant Green to the same areas as before. This time, before the area dries, you will add the Green Glitter. Repeat this step with the Purple and Purple Glitter.

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

Using your smoothie blender and the green from your Ben Nye Lumiere palette, add a shadow to the feathers on the edge.  Next, you will use your #4 Round Brush and load it with Mehron Gold Powder that has been mixed with Mehron Mixing Liquid. Begin adding dots and highlights to the design with the metallic gold. I also added dots to the corner of each eye.

Next, load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise Brilliant Purple and add to the lips for lipstick.

Finally, reload your #4 Round Brush with Paradise black and add more details to each feather and peacock eye as needed.

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial

I’m always a big advocate of wigs, so if you have them, use them. Thanks again for checking out our tutorial. I hope you come back next week to see what we will feature next. Until then…  Live, Love, Paint!

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Stacey Perry, aka Sistahmatic! is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces by Play and Learn With Me located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for

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