Art of Face Painting Video - How to do Lines

Shelley and Jessica show you some of the basics on how to do line with face paint. Learn from the pros!

The Secret Behind Lines:

So the secret behind lines is to keep your brush loaded with paint, and keep it level - straight and up. You do thin to thick - you start thin with a light touch, you press down further, then bring it up again, to a nice light touch.

Using a #5 Swirl Brush:

We're going to use a few different brushes to show how it looks different based on the brush, or the size of the brush. We'll start with a #5 swirl brush. This is actually not meant for lines, so we'll use it just to see how it comes out. We have several versions:

You can do the thin, and keep it straight. So what I'm doing is I'm making sure the brush is straight, and I'm putting an even amount of pressure on it, so the line comes out pretty even and straight.

I put my pinkie down on the canvas to keep myself level, then I go from thin, to thick, to thin again, and then releasing as you go up. So you start with a thin line, you add pressure, and then you thin it out and pop it back up.

And then lastly, is when you do thin to thick by pressing down, and then you curve it, swirl it back up, and that gives you a dagger stroke.

Using a #4 Round Brush:

Now we're going to use a Mark Reid #4 round brush. Again, use your pinkie for leverage, and we're going to go thin, press down, and thick. The whole time, you keep it straight. You can keep it straight and level, try to apply a minimal amount of pressure the whole time, to get a really beautiful straight line.

Using a Detail Brush:

I'm going to load up my Paradise Makeup Brush, so you get a really thin brush for detail. You can make a nice, straight line, and keep it level. And this brush works really well for straight lines.

Products Used In The Video:

Diamond FX White
Mehron Mark Reid Signature Brush #4 Round Brush
Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl Brushes - #5 Round Brush
Paradise Super Fine Point Brush (1/16")

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